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I am a highly experienced Agile mentor, with more than a decade's experience of Agile over a number of market sectors, primarily in the financial sector.

I have been an IT professional since my first degree in 1987 and have worked in virtually every role within IT from developer through to national IT manager. My 2005 MBA from Imperial College supports my business led approach to IT, with my strong development and operations background ensuring I am comfortable in a technical environment

Since joining IndigoBlue I have focused on Agile transitions for a number of clients

Job Title: Senior Consultant

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A picture was worth a thousand words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Is that true in the world of computing? Based on some work I have been doing with a client at present that ‘picture’ can say not thousands but billions of words.
Stan Wade
Stan Wade | 25 August 2017

Thank you Donald Rumsfeld!

There are many people in this world that I am indebted to, but Donald Rumsfeld, US Secretary of Defence, was never one that I expected! But alas, it’s true.
Stan Wade
Stan Wade | 16 August 2017

Losing an arrow from your quiver?

I think I have blogged on a similar point before, but it’s worth saying again. If you see the MVP and MMF as the same thing, you are willingly discarding an arrow from your quiver.
Stan Wade
Stan Wade | 8 November 2016

A Package Deal

Building software is hard. It always has been and I expect always will. So, over the years we have found better ways of working...
Stan Wade
Stan Wade | 26 January 2016

An Agile Practice

I haven’t written a blog for a good few months and that’s because I have spent the last 4 months in hospital and the first stages of a long recovery.  Being glued to a hospital bed doesn’t necessarily stop all your observational skills working (unless you have had too much morphine) and I was rather humbled by what I saw. I don’t think this agile thing is very new at all. In fact it’s probably a concept that’s thousands of years old!

Stan Wade
Stan Wade | 7 July 2015

Counting the Cost

Time and time again I hear ‘it’s all about velocity!’ I think that brash statement is wrong for a number of reasons but I would like to look into just one for them for now, costs. So let’s look at an analogy that should help to demonstrate my point. In my widget factory I make widgets. My employees manufacture widgets by assembling component parts. If I just measure ‘velocity’ I will be counting how many saleable widgets are coming off the production line. That’s a great metric for sure but wouldn’t I be thought of as naive if I didn’t look at my operating costs and other expenses?

Stan Wade
Stan Wade | 24 February 2015

Minimum Viable Thinking

Over the last few years I have banged heads with both clients and colleagues over what minimal viable product means. I have a pretty clear idea in my head what it is, but unfortunately that’s not always what other people think.  This has lead me to start a number of discussions which inevitably leave me feeling disappointed with the results. My problem is the issue is bigger than just MVP.

Stan Wade
Stan Wade | 3 December 2014

Bad language - The terms and conditions of using Agile

One of the biggest challenges I have on any Agile project is to try and build senior management confidence in both what we are building and how we are doing it. Nothing special there I hear you say. What doesn’t make it any easier is some of the more colourful terms used in Agile that I have to sell!

Stan Wade
Stan Wade | 10 November 2014

Agile Business Conference 2014

The Agile Business Conference 14 was held on 8th and 9th October in London. This  year’s tag line was Agile the Next Frontier. When I read that I was in two minds. Firstly it made me feel like the part of the crew of the USS Enterprise boldly going where no man had gone before, exploring the universe and making things better for mankind. How fantastic. But then I thought again and realised I had been doing this for 15 years, three times the mission length Kirk undertook, and the world still hadn’t got it! How frustrating.

Stan Wade
Stan Wade | 14 October 2014

Having your cake and eating it

The human mind is truly amazing! Sometimes you see or hear something you find so profound that it enters your head and never leaves. As my colleagues will testify, in my case its nearly always something that I find of great interest but actually has no value at all. For example, changing a few chemical bonds in margarine can result in an explosive far more destructive than TNT. Interesting, but pretty useless.

Stan Wade
Stan Wade | 24 September 2014

Painting your front door - does Agile include enough design?

For the first dozen years or so in my software development career I practiced the art of waterfall, as everyone did. The project effort was split equally between design, build and test. So, about a third was allocated to design. The big design sometimes didn’t hold up to requirements and we did have to do redesign during build, and sometimes, with great shame, during test. Maybe it was over a third in the end.

Stan Wade
Stan Wade | 3 July 2014