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Peter is a senior consultant at IndigoBlue with experience in strategic consulting, information architecture and the practice of traditional and Agile project methodologies.

Job Title: Senior Consultant

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The Forward View for the NHS

Delivery of healthcare and social services in England is transforming. It should be more agile in future, and it appears to be a change in structure and governance that is making this happen.
Peter Bird
Peter Bird | 21 February 2017

Start with a Bang

Working with organisations, and departments within them, that provide a membership service, brought to light some interest in the Member Engagement Toolkit for 2017.
Peter Bird
Peter Bird | 14 February 2017

Questions of Uncertainty

We have been doing some work on uncertainty management and, while not exactly turning over a new page in the uncertainty management handbook, we feel this might be worth a mention.
Peter Bird
Peter Bird | 7 February 2017

Innovate to Grow

It is often said that if a business or service delivery organisation doesn’t innovate then it will perish. We have recently been engaged with a number of customers having to tackle this issue.
Peter Bird
Peter Bird | 29 November 2016

Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad

Last month a blog post by Tessa Munt, Liberal Democrat MP for Wells, reported on problems at the Rural Payments Agency (RPA). 

The RPA is owned by The Department for Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and has been in the news fairly regularly following reviews that found it was poorly managed and criticism from MPs that it had been slow making payment to England's farmers under the EU Single Payment Subsidy scheme. The latest round of problems has apparently left one farmer unable to get the RPA computer to recognise a claim because he milks sheep, and not cows.

Peter Bird
Peter Bird | 8 March 2011

The Guardian opens API access

The Guardian continues to demonstrate that openness and innovation are its strong suits; and if you happen to be The Guardian and the content that you can provide open access to includes 10 years of broadsheet quality journalism from then people take notice.

Peter Bird
Peter Bird | 10 March 2009