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Mission to MoSCoW

Mission to Moscow was a 1943 film  to put a positive spin on Soviet Russia and also the title of a song written by Mel Powell who was a member of the Glenn Miller Army Air Force Orchestra (recorded by several others including Benny Goodman); this post is really about prioritising work in an Agile project.

Many of you will know about MoSCoW; others not.  Generally people fall into three camps:

Nigel Mossman
Nigel Mossman | 13 October 2017

AgilePM® aka DSDM®

If you’ve never heard of it then you really ought to take a look and if you did use it in the past then it’s worth revisiting as much has changed in the latest version (launched in 2014).
Nigel Mossman
Nigel Mossman | 18 August 2017

Agile or Lean

Too often those adopting agile learn the ceremonies and perhaps even the dark art of story writing – but they delivery and efficiency aren’t that much better the “old ways”.  Agile isn’t just about learning a new set of working practices – it’s about a commitment to maximise delivery of finished working software that is “good enough”.

Nigel Mossman
Nigel Mossman | 26 June 2015

Why Are We Doing This?

I was chatting to a colleague who had received a Project Initiation Document/Statement of Work from a fairly well known SI House.  He asked me to review it which I did.  While it was well written and described plenty about how the solution would be designed and it’s many technical characteristics it failed to mention anything about the business benefits or business value of the solution.

Nigel Mossman
Nigel Mossman | 6 April 2015

Are you a Friday refusnik?

I have one simple question I ask if I want to find out if a team is producing a good quality product – would you deploy to production on Friday?

Many companies refuse to allow software to be deployed on Friday as few staff are on hand over the weekend if the deployed software fails to work leaving the service unavailable for 48 or more hours.

Nigel Mossman
Nigel Mossman | 20 November 2014