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Commercial Head of Private Sector for IndigoBlue. Responsible for marketing and private sector sales at IndigoBlue. Background in marketing and sales, strategy and consultancy. Specialist in marketing and sales technology, process engineering and change management. Committed to solving problems for our clients and supporting delivery of high quality consulting services around Agile Transformation and Programme Management. Expert in bringing clarity to complex problems and stakeholder management. Originally a direct marketer, I have worked in largely B2B commercial roles in the leisure and media sectors and more recently in management consultancy and IT when I founded 70 Fathoms,  a specialist sales and marketing technology consulting firm which was acquired by IndigoBlue in 2014. 

Job Title: Head of Private Sector

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Real Roles Agile Game

Real Roles is a 1 hour Agile game created by IndigoBlue which will help your teams to understand their roles. Produced as a game, it enables a structured and constructive discussion about how to allocate responsibilities and increase clarity on who will drive what aspect of the project forward, in what way. It will: 

Kate Mayfield
Kate Mayfield | 10 May 2017