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This seminar looked at the challenges and opportunities of user generated content. The level of engagement with user generated content across the third sector is highly varied. Some organisations have thriving online communities, others have made costly investments which have failed to live up to expectations, and some have yet to dip their toes into this area.

The seminar, held on 24th November 2010, looked at the practicalities organisations face when implementing user-generated content and the dangers of choosing not to engage at this level.


Mike Seery

Mike Seery – Telegraph Group CIO – Introduction

application/pdf iconIntroduction to Managing User Generated Contents

Some key points:

  • UCG can be very cheap and require relatively little effort
  • UGC ranges from most popular stories to discussion boards/forums
  • Understand and plan for the worst
  • There need to be guidelines and controls in place

Steve Dale

Steve Dale – Encouraging communities to share knowledge and creating a trusted environment

application/pdf iconSharing Knowledge and Building Trust in Online Communities

  • The difference between a Community of Practice (CoP) and social media is that a CoP has a defined purpose
  • Social media sites such as Facebook are not trusted, so people are considerably less willing to share knowledge on social media sites
  • Creating an initial "critical mass":
    1. Hold an initial physical launch in which potential contributors are invited and can register
    2. Use facilitators (different from moderators) to drive the CoPs, these should be selected from active participants
    3. Mix online activity with offline e.g. if no one is responding to an particular thread contact them physically (e.g. by phone) and ask them to contribute

Find out more about Steve's award winning local government communities platform: cops-public-service.gif

Neil Kleiner

Neil Kleiner – Social engagement – the implications for your business and brand

application/pdf iconPower to Your People

  • It is hugely important that brands (and companies) get the approach to social media right
  • Social media has driven a change in people and how they behave as consumers
  • Need to focus on conversations, not on marketing campaigns or technology - conversations are key
  • It is important to adopt the right tone and not to patronise
  • Need to engage with people and entertain them
  • It is important to manage your social media groups as well as on-site communities

Neil's Slide 22 is particularly interesting, giving a process for social media engagement, including having an Agile Strategy and measurement - there are huge parallels with Agile Methods.

Paul Massey

Paul Massey – Key points of social media law and governance

application/pdf iconLegal Aspects of Social Media

  • "If it is illegal offline, it is illegal online" ... including on websites and social media
  • Don't let legal issues stop people contributing
  • There need to be policies and staff need to be aware of those policies
  • Disclaimers don't necessarily help

Steve Bridger

Steve Bridger – Turning staff into your most passionate community and engaging fans and critics

Family illness meant that Steve was not able to attend to give his presentation, but he has shared his slides:

application/pdf iconYour People are Your Brand

  • Charities need to trust their staff to build relationships online
  • Relationships lead to commitment
  • Staff from across the organisation should engage, not just from marketing
  • If you can recruit supporters to run communities, all the better
  • Trusting your staff to use social media appropriately = trusting your recruitment decisions
  • Need engaged, enthusiastic staff for social media and communities

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