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Scaling and embedding Agile

You’ve had early successes with Agile on small non-critical projects and you want to extend its use and benefits across your organisation. However, you’re finding it’s hard to scale its use without breaking what is currently working and while retaining visibility and control. You need guidance on that journey from an expert partner with a tried and tested approach which maps the route: IndigoBlue.


Delivering scale with control

As organisations extend their use of Agile, they soon compromise their approach or stall because of existing practices, environmental constraints, third-party arrangements and the way the organisation controls risk and makes decisions. Approaches like Scrum don’t provide the answer to these challenges but answers do exist.

Tried and tested

Tried and tested, repeatable approach to successful scaling

Accelerated speed of delivery

Accelerated speed of delivery with enhanced control

DevOps enablement

DevOps enablement to reduce cycle times and the cost of change

Support for bimodal and multimodal environments

Support for bimodal and multimodal environments

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Deep experience and expertise applied across the organisation

Scrum is a necessary but insufficient component of an Agile transformation. Other frameworks and models such as SAFe, DaD and Spotify provide some answers but no two organisations are the same. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Our consultancy, training and coaching services leverage the latest thinking in Agile and Lean. We augment this with Adapt 2.0® to ensure that everything is in place for Agile to flourish and support your organisational goals – from the right operating model, skills, behaviours and working environments, to the most fit-for-purpose process, tools and techniques.

IndigoBlue will support your stable transition to a new, scaled Agile capability – matched with the speed and value Agile promises and the visibility and control you require.


Your expert partner for organisation-wide Agile adoption

We have led large-scale Agile adoption programmes at many organisations using our proven framework and process. With clients from Aviva to Specsavers to Dixons Carphone, time and again IndigoBlue has enabled the delivery capacity of our clients to keep pace with their growth ambitions.

Each engagement is optimised to the organisational context but our capability to scale Agile and transform your organisation will typically encompass:

    Our comprehensive review identifies which of the wide range of common scaling challenges are affecting your organisation. We also use this period to build initial buy-in from stakeholders for the changes ahead.

    We work with you to shape a transformation strategy and implementation roadmap that will guide the Agile change process.

    Our industry-leading Agile consultants work with your teams to address organisational constraints such as funding cycles and governance requirements to create an environment in which Agile can thrive and succeed.

    Our expert Agile practitioners and coaches work closely with your teams to provide hands-on help, training, tailored guidance and professional development to prepare them to work in a scaled Agile context.

    Our technical DevOps experts will design and lead the implementation of an environment that drives flow and reduces the cost of change, enabling Agile to work in multimodal environments.

    With decades of IT experience, our Agile consultants help you to plan continuous incremental delivery of value in environments held back by legacy systems.

    Our senior consultants bring their extensive business experience to bear to coach and support executives in delivering change and maintaining effective control of an entirely Agile delivery capability.

    While not sufficient by itself in developing skills, training is an essential part of any Agile transformation. IndigoBlue is an accredited BCS training provider and can provide APMG and SAFe training leading to industry-recognised certifications.

    We utilise Design Thinking, Solution Value Mapping, Story Mapping and Architectural Component design to define the context and accelerate effective Agile planning.

    We seek sustainable change for our clients, working closely with you to set a pace that is effective in delivering your objectives and ensuring new ways of working remain in place after we’ve gone.

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    Release cycle reduced from 30 days to <1 day



    • Global roll-out of the Adapt 2.0® framework to de-risk Agile while accelerating speed to market
    • 350 individuals trained during engagement, 96% said the training would "change [their] approach to work", 99% would recommend the training
    • Successful project and programme delivery in a context of legacy code, distributed development teams and 3rd-party suppliers for implementation and test dependency on external resources



    Delivering sustainable, transformative change

    Here are just some of our achievements in supporting organisations to scale and embed Agile sustainably.

    Agile transformation

    Agile transformation of the sixth-largest insurance company in the world

    We led Aviva’s Agile transformation, underpinned by Agile coaching and training of delivery teams, and embedded it organisation-wide through application of our Agile governance framework which has now been rolled out globally within the organisation.

    More time on the beat

    More time on the beat, less time in the office for the Met

    We helped to establish and drive forward the Metropolitan Police’s ambitious digital transformation programme, designed to replace the officer’s paper notebook with innovative digital services. To support the programme’s success, we onboarded and coached delivery teams, standardised Agile and DevOps processes, and designed the Met’s new operating model.

    Agile underpinning

    Agile underpinning of Specsavers' global expansion

    Engaged to run an Agile Transition Programme to support global expansion plans which have seen Specsavers grow to a company with a turnover of £2.2bn. Embedded Agile by introducing new engineering practices and ways of working, mentoring and coaching managers, and cultivating a collaborative culture across business and IT.

    Scaling and industrialising Agile

    Scaling and industrialising Agile for a household name

    Aiming to be ever more responsive to its 24 million life customers, Prudential engaged us to scale and embed Agile. We established an Agile Centre of Excellence to ensure sustainable change and disseminated Agile skills and ways of working through coaching, creation of an Agile intranet, and support for key programmes.


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