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Real Roles Agile Game

10 May 2017

| Author: Kate Mayfield


Real Roles Agile Game

Real Roles is a one-hour Agile game created by IndigoBlue which will help your teams to understand their roles.

Produced as a game, it enables a structured and constructive discussion about how to allocate responsibilities and increase clarity on who will drive which aspect of the project forward, in what way. It will: 

  • support onboarding of new team members and help them understand what each other team member does
  • support better interaction with customers when aligning their activities to the desired outcomes
  • make it easier to decide how to cover absences
  • resolve conflicts when roles appear to overlap and be overly complex
  • enable people to identify the roles most suited to their skills and preferences in the team

The objective of the game is to discuss and decide which team members will be responsible for which activities. Try to involve everyone. There are no correct answers. The discussion is as valuable as the outcome.

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The Agile team roles featured were defined at the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) for use by their digital delivery teams and are based on definitions provided by the Government Digital Service (GDS). IndigoBlue would like to thank everyone at NHSBSA for their support in creating this innovative team tool. 

If you'd like to discuss how IndigoBlue creates high performing Agile teams, please get in touch.

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Kate Mayfield

Kate is responsible for marketing and private sector sales for IndigoBlue and has a background in marketing, sales, strategy and consultancy. She is a specialist in marketing and sales technology, process engineering and change management.


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