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From project to product

Increasingly, organisations are looking to product-based operating models to drive optimum value from Agile through a clear focus on value.

We’ll move your organisation from a project-led delivery approach to one in which change is a continual flow from idea to live – a ‘product not project’ approach.


Product improvements led by users, not planning cycles

By adopting a product rather than project approach, your organisation can focus resources on value streams and flow. You can become truly responsive to your customers, delivering rapid and continuous product improvements.

Bring new products and service improvements to your customers continually, better respond to their needs, try new things and get feedback faster, empowering your teams to delight users and innovate – while retaining control over the costs and return on investment.

Agile and Lean consultancy

Agile and Lean consultancy to optimise product management

Customer-centric operating model

Customer-centric operating model design

Technology enablers

Technology enablers for continuous delivery

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Your partner for a smooth transition

Through our Agile, Lean and DevOps coaching, we create an environment in which continuous delivery can take place and we support your product managers and delivery teams to establish a culture of experimentation and user-centric design. We facilitate the sustainable flow of small batches of work into production, with the feedback loops in place to enable your team to build, test and learn, continuously improving your products.

In your wider organisation, we help to establish appropriate planning and governance processes to support continuous delivery.


Establishing a continuous flow from idea to reality

We work with you to shape your portfolio into a product-based flow, and shape your teams to work in squads, in a rapid, iterative and closely collaborative way.

We help to establish new ways of working, encouraging close, ongoing collaboration between business and IT in order to prioritise and manage the flow of the highest value work into continuous production and delivery.

Each engagement differs but our capability to scale Agile and transform your organisation typically encompasses:

    We work to understand the challenges you face and provide you with visibility of the obstacles to achieving user responsiveness and continuous delivery, along with a plan for the practical steps you can take.

    Building on the diagnostic review and drawing on experience and proven industry models (e.g. Spotify) we design a new product-based operating model and work with you to organise and prioritise your portfolio to drive value.

    Hands-on support from our expert consultants to enhance business/IT collaboration, facilitate prioritisation, improve the flow of work, limit work in progress and establish feedback loops to drive product improvements.

    We utilise Design Thinking, Solution Value Mapping, Story Mapping and Architectural Component design to define the context and accelerate effective Agile planning.

    Hands-on, practical support to your IT department to establish processes and infrastructure for continuous delivery, including cultivation of your DevOps capability.

    We seek sustainable change for our clients, working closely with you to set a pace that is effective in delivering your objectives and ensuring new ways of working remain in place after we’ve gone.

    IPC Media logo
    comScore increased across all brands


    IPC Media

    • Decline in comScore reversed rapidly
    • Evidence-based product decisions became the new norm
    • Strong culture of collaboration cultivated between the business and IT



    Realigning operating models for continuous flow

    Here are just some of our achievements in supporting organisations to transition smoothly from a project-based approach to a product-based approach.

    Enabling true responsiveness

    Enabling true responsiveness to the needs of 356m Telefónica clients

    Recommended a new product-based operating model to facilitate continuous flow into production, supported by a new Agile governance framework and incremental funding cycles, increasing throughput and output by an estimated 25%–35%.

    Optimising flow and enhancing governance

    Optimising flow and enhancing governance

    Provided recommendations to the Intellectual Property Office on its operating model, portfolio structure and baseline management to support both the continuous flow of requirements and compliance with the governance requirements of its three funding bodies – Companies House, BIS and the Government Digital Service.

    Innovative techniques

    Innovative techniques to breathe new life into products

    Coached IPC Media (now Time Inc. UK) in how to apply Design Thinking to its existing products and used Solution Value Mapping to shape product priorities, successfully reversing a steep decline in product users – techniques we shared in a keynote at the Agile Business Conference.

    Managing uncertainty

    Managing uncertainty to deliver VocaLink’s Zapp e-payment solution

    Supported Zapp in setting up its product management team and coached them in dynamic uncertainty management, enabling them to manage risk and exercise control while responding to change in a highly dynamic market.


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