Agile in the Cricket World Cup?

James Yoxall
James Yoxall | 25 March 2011

With the cricket world cup in full swing (but with games taking place during the working day) I have discovered that you can get a very accurate picture of the ebb and flow of a game simply by checking the standard graphs.

Somewhat bizarrely, this proved very useful in a conversation with a governance group I am working with when discussing the relative merits of different ways of reporting velocity.

Ignore the cricket for a moment, and pretend this manhattan graph shows planned velocity in blue and actual velocity in red. Can you tell after 30 iterations what the relative status of the project is? Now look at exactly the same information presented on a worm graph.

This clarity is one reason why we teach people to concentrate on cumulative velocity.

Now all I have to do is work out the value of the run rate graph on agile projects.

If only more people understood limited-over cricket…