Our Services

IndigoBlue provides a range of consultancy services that enable organisations to optimise the delivery of technology-based change.  As recognised leaders in Agile and Lean thinking, we specialise in complex environments where innovative digital systems coexist with large legacy estates.

Our services span the end-to-end technology change process from inception to live, including strategy, people and culture, operating model and process design, and governance. We provide our clients with the skills and insight necessary to successfully deliver digital change.  Embracing Agile and Lean techniques, we optimise processes and create dynamic organisations that are able to respond effectively to customers’ needs. Even in the most complex, bi-modal environments.


Our focus is on supporting the hands-on development of your skills and experience, and the removal of organisational constraints. As a result, a step-change in capability can be achieved at pace, and our clients are self-sufficient in the optimum time frame.

Our core services are as follows:

Agile Transformation

IndigoBlue has unrivalled experience in successfully building sustainable, enduring Agile delivery capability.  We provide senior consultants to address organisational constraints and drive change; specialist coaches, including Scrum Masters, Agile BAs, and test specialists; and DevOps experts to build world-class engineering environments.

Digital Business Strategy

Being Digital is not simply about systems, it’s the way we think and work.  Organisations that want to remain relevant and be fit for the future need to change.  IndigoBlue’s approach to digital strategy development is proven over 15 years.  It provides a structured approach to create a clear, consistent vision, ensure buy-in and quality, and address the key foundations of systems, culture, governance, skills and measurement.

Programme Management and Delivery

IndigoBlue has a proven track record of successfully delivering complex, enterprise-scale digital solutions.  We provide high-quality development teams and manage these within IndigoBlue’s structured, value-driven governance approach 

We work with our parent company, Mastek, and employ a flexible model in which our core team of consultants is supplemented by our customers’ staff, by third parties and by tried and tested associates, all highly skilled professionals with in-depth Agile expertise.

Our Blog

Agile and Risk Management

When we speak with executives about their aspirations for Agile adoption, largely we hear about the desire to reduce lead times and make more effective use of resources. This is a shame, given the origins of the Agile Manifesto as a way to reduce the risk of project failure.
Mike Robinson
Mike Robinson | 16 January 2018