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IndigoBlue Agile training courses

IndigoBlue provides a wide variety of courses in Agile, Lean and Kanban at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. We also provide specialist courses specifically designed for digital and web environments.

Course details

  • Duration
    • 2 days – Introduction to Agile 
    • 1-2 days – Intermediate and advanced courses
  • Group size

    Groups of up to 12 people per course

  • Location

    On-site, at your organisation’s offices

  • Price

    Please call us today for a quote based on your company’s requirements.

IndigoBlue has created these courses to cultivate in trainees a truly Agile mindset and behaviours, rather than offering simple training in processes. You gain a strong understanding of core principles and practical techniques, enabling you to think, plan and make decisions in an Agile way so that you can harness the full benefits of Agile for your organisation.

IndigoBlue provides courses covering Agile, Lean and Kanban at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels.

Introduction to Agile

This course will provide your team or organisation with a solid grounding in the Agile approach and give you a clear understanding of the changes in mindset that are required to run Agile projects successfully and maximise the benefits of the approach.

You will learn techniques that can be applied immediately and a conceptual framework that offers a deeper understanding, enabling you to address more effectively the challenges that arise.

This course is based on general Agile principles and it also includes specific additions in the areas of planning and tracking that are part of IndigoBlue’s Agile governance framework.

On completion of the course, your team will have a strong understanding of the principles of Agile, Scrum, Lean and how they apply to specific roles. IndigoBlue’s training and coaching creates optimised Agile teams and this course forms the foundation for those teams to perform effectively.

Intermediate and advanced courses

Business Agility course for Executives

IndigoBlue provides training for senior stakeholders in Executive roles. These training courses are designed and configured to meet your requirements and context, and include the following topic areas:

  • Values and Implications – what does it mean to do things 'better'? – what are the values that the business stakeholder role can bring to the project, and what implications do these have on the outcomes, both positive and negative?
  • Governance and Control – Agile projects and programmes are incremental in nature, allowed to change more and offer opportunities for validated learning as they go along, so traditional controls do not work so well. This session demonstrates how business stakeholders can assess the status of the project and how to influence it to make it ‘better’
  • Incremental Delivery and Dynamic Uncertainty Management – introduces two new principles for understanding the shape of an IT project or programme, and maps different configurations onto the values and desired outcomes
  • Collaboration, Decision-making and Behaviour – a collaborative relationship is more effective than a negotiation-based relationship, but what does this mean in practice? How does this change the shape of the commitment between the stakeholder and delivery team?

Role-specific courses

IndigoBlue’s intermediate and advanced courses are either role-specific, or focus on particular areas where specialism and deep understanding are required.

Intermediate and advanced training is available for the following roles:

  • Developer
  • Tester
  • Project Manager, PMO, Compliance
  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Business Analyst

All of our training is provided in-house at our clients’ offices and – at no additional cost – we tailor our courses to the needs of our clients.



We recommend this course for:

  • Introductory – people seeking to learn the key Agile concepts and practical techniques required to run an Agile project successfully
  • Intermediate and advanced – people seeking to gain a deeper understanding of concepts or to develop greater expertise in a particular role

Learning outcomes

These courses are designed to help you to think and behave in Agile ways, rather than learning by rote a set of processes and ‘rituals’. We provide you with a strong understanding of the core principles of Agile and practical techniques through which you can apply those principles to your projects and work streams, enabling you to harness the full benefits of Agile in the delivery of value for your organisation.

What our trainees think

IndigoBlue’s introductory, intermediate and advanced courses yield excellent trainee feedback, such as:

Trainer was very knowledgeable with lots of real-world examples that helped put concepts into context."

Combination of theory and practical exercises alongside application of both to our specific experience/situation."

Presenter very knowledgeable. Great that he has used Agile in a working environment so could relate to the real world."

Great general overview and flexibility of delivery to allow the group to focus on what was important to them. This allowed the group to get the most out of the material."

Please call us today on 020 7692 4832 for a quote based on your company requirements.

Please call us today on 020 7692 4832 for a quote based on your company requirements.


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