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London meetup: Cultural change, visualisation and transformation




Location: Greater London House, London, NW1


Agile transformations are not about technology change, they are about changes in the way people work, think and behave. At this meetup, you can gain insights from two organisations working with the healthcare sector that truly understand this and are succeeding in their transformations: the British Heart Foundation and NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA).

The British Heart Foundation's Head of Digital, John Bevan, will describe how the charity is fearlessly embracing Agile with the Scrum methodology and encouraging teams across the organisation to embrace Agile as a delivery method for both digital and non-digital products.

NHSBSA's Organisation Development Lead, Nicoll Loyd, and IndigoBlue's Agile Leadership Coach, Laurence Wood, will take you on a virtual tour of the NHSBSA's Digital Hub and run an interactive session exploring with you how visualisation techniques help to change behaviours in teams and in the ‘business’.

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