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Establishing a DevOps culture

We help you embed the tooling, processes and operational changes that will harmonise Development and Operations and establish your capability to move planned work into production with vastly greater speed, security and control.


Rapid flow of planned work into production

As teams adopt Agile, existing processes for ensuring what is built is ready to go live are challenged. Operational teams face new pressure from the development teams to support faster, shorter release cycles. In effect, the twin drivers of speed and control come into conflict.

Organisations that enable short, regular release cycles through strong DevOps practices are succeeding where others are not. DevOps is driving speed, quality and flexibility and saving them time and money. It’s vital to keep up and get DevOps working for you.

We can help your organisation swiftly achieve engineering excellence and gain unparalleled speed and responsiveness too.

Embedded coaching

Embedded coaching to introduce DevOps tooling and practices

Briefings for executives and management

Briefings for executives and management to support buy-in

Design of a new operating model

Design of a new operating model for your organisation

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DevOps and Agile driving quality and speed

We accelerate and support your organisation’s transition to DevOps. When combined with Agile development, you will increase the frequency, stability and security of your deployments and realise the true benefits of Agile development.

With our help, you can achieve continuous delivery with near real-time responsiveness to user needs, drive growth in your revenues and increase your efficiency and productivity.


Supporting your people in leading the change

Our industry-leading DevOps experts work hands-on with your IT Development and Operations teams, coaching them in the processes, skills and behaviours they will require to lead the transition and embed DevOps in your organisation.

We support the forging of a new relationship between the teams, enabling developers to have ‘self-service’ access to IT infrastructure, and facilitating closer collaboration between Development and Operations. In this way, we fine-tune the engine that will accelerate your delivery.

Each engagement differs but our capability to scale Agile and transform your organisation typically encompasses:

    We review your operations and DevOps capability in its wider organisational context, providing a change plan along with recommendations on the centralised governance of DevOps processes.

    As part of our diagnostic review, we assess your IT infrastructure and advise you on your options for technical services to support DevOps, including cloud technology.

    Our experts work hand-in-hand with your teams to apply a range of approaches and embed the right tooling, practices and advanced benefits of DevOps.

    We utilise Design Thinking, Solution Value Mapping, Story Mapping and Architectural Component design to define the context and accelerate effective Agile planning.

    We seek sustainable change for our clients, working closely with you to set a pace that is effective in delivering your objectives and ensuring new ways of working remain in place after we’ve gone.

    Ministry of Justice logo
    Prompted and supported DevOps transformation | Delivery capability enhanced


    Ministry of Justice

    • Provided compelling evidence of the power of automation
    • Convinced senior leadership to embark on establishing a DevOps culture
    • Guided and embedded the establishment of industry-leading DevOps practices



    Driving accelerated value from IT through DevOps

    Here are just some of our achievements in supporting organisations to establish a DevOps culture.

    Helping establish technologies

    Helping establish technologies to deliver swifter, more efficient justice

    DevOps coaching and strategic direction provided to the Ministry of Justice’s Common Platform Programme, creating the path to production, supporting the definition of the high-level solution and technical architecture, automating and standardising the building of environments, and cultivating a cultural change in ways of working.

    DevOps solution enables 650,000 transactions a day

    DevOps solution enables 650,000 transactions a day

    Klarna is a Swedish e-commerce company that provides payment services to over 60m consumers. We supported Klarna in establishing the DevOps culture, processes and automation they required in order to enhance the resilience and performance of their services to manage 650,000 daily transactions.

    Maximum security DevOps

    Maximum security DevOps

    Supported the establishment of DevOps at the Metropolitan Police to facilitate the incremental delivery of new digital services for officers – automated as much of the application deployment pipeline as possible and established a private cloud which had to meet very strictest security requirements.


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