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Digital service strategy and design

Digital service strategy and design

Let us help you leverage Agile ways of working to design high quality digital services based on rich user insights and iterative approaches to design. You’ll deliver value more rapidly to your customers and users and, through this service, streamline your organisational processes.


Refine or reimagine your services

You want to take your paper-based process online but how can you make it more efficient as you do so? How do you change systems without making life harder for your people? How can you reimagine services entirely? And how can you tell when you know enough about users to start development?

With our expertise in Agile, service design, user research, data analysis and incremental planning, we help you create services that not only satisfy but delight today’s demanding customers and users.

Bespoke digital strategies

Bespoke digital strategies supporting organisational goals

Incremental implementation plans

Incremental implementation plans to deliver early and on-going value

The right tools, skills and methods

The right tools, skills and methods for user-centric digital service design

Reliable user insights from the start


Reliable user insights from the start

We help you shape your project from the start, with clear objectives, an incremental roadmap and a plan for managing uncertainty.

We inform your understanding of what ‘digital’ means in your organisation and the role it will play in modernising your service and operating model. We support you in finding early opportunities to deliver value to your users – because the best insights come from real interactions between people and the services being designed for them, rather than from extensive and costly desk research.


Delivering simplicity to service users and providers

With a track record of adding value to many Government Digital Service programmes, our expert consultants support your team to establish best-practice user engagement and bring a fresh perspective to help you find new ways to improve or even revolutionise your service delivery.

Each engagement differs but our capability to scale Agile and transform your organisation typically encompasses:

    We work with you to assess and map out existing customer journeys, and the processes, systems and architecture that currently support them. We illuminate that plan by showing and relaying what is possible. 

    Our experts help you plan discovery and alpha phases to distil your vision and create a product roadmap. It will deliver service increments early and often and balance desk research with real user/service interactions.

    We help you put in place the right team, toolsets and engagement methods to gain the rich and ongoing customer insights you need to deliver services that excel.

    Our Agile consultants bring years of IT experience to bear in optimising your technology architecture and integrating the service’s new front-end interface with back-office processes, including legacy IT systems.

    We support internal stakeholder communications and development, ensuring that your customer-facing staff do not feel left behind by the process of transforming your service.

    Support from our expert consultants to manage uncertainty dynamically from the start, and plan the service development to deliver incremental value throughout.

    Office for National Statistics
    >99% reduction in data errors | 99.5% user buy-in


    Office for National Statistics

    • Vast improvement in speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness of data collection
    • Errors in data entry reduced by over 99%
    • 99.5% of respondents now want to complete ONS surveys online as a result
    • Additional benefit in providing almost all the functionality required for the 2021 Census



    Shaping the best experience for users and customers

    Here are just some of our achievements in supporting organisations to create user-centric digital services, and to develop and implement ambitious digital strategies.

    Award-winning YHA service strategy and design

    Award-winning YHA service strategy and design

    Worked with the YHA to develop and implement a strategy to fully embrace digital technology to provide the best possible experience to customers. This on-going collaboration has resulted in a 43% increase in bookings, a 300% increase in mobile bookings and multiple industry awards and accolades.

    Creating the right service for creatives

    Creating the right service for creatives

    Guided Creative Skillset, the Sector Skills Council for the Creative Industries, in shaping the design of Hiive (, a community platform for creative professionals established through a combination of public and industry funding, and supported by Channel 4 and the BBC. Launched in 2015, Hiive now has well over 100K members.

    Shaping the design of the British Council’s one-stop-shop

    Shaping the design of the British Council’s one-stop-shop

    Provided strategic recommendations to the British Council to shape the design of its e-commerce platform and selection of Payment Service Provider, key contributions to its three-year programme to bring online payment for all its global educational products into a rich, integrated portfolio.

    Expert review

    Expert review for the expert reviewers

    Following a strategic review of digital delivery capability and website architecture, we provided Which? with an interim Chief Digital Officer to design its new digital strategy and the change plan that Which? went on to use to implement it successfully.


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