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The DevOps Pathfinder

Locate how far along you are in your DevOps journey and plan the best next steps for your organisation.


Though each organisation will have unique needs and challenges in transitioning to DevOps ways of working, there are recognisable stages common to most transformations.

The DevOps Pathfinder sets out those stages, allowing you to compare the challenges and goals at each stage to your own experience, and ask yourself questions that will help you plan your next steps.

At IndigoBlue, we have charted the routes organisations commonly take from traditional software management to DevOps best practice and performance.

We've set these out in The DevOps Pathfinder, enabling you to identify your current location on your DevOps journey and plan your best next steps towards DevOps maturity.

It is rare, these days, for an organisation not to have adopted any of the technologies and practices that have become part of DevOps.

But whether you are contemplating a major DevOps transformation or a modest improvement to your current software delivery pipeline, it is important to assess where you stand, how far you have already progressed and what challenges remain. Without that perspective, there is a risk of progress being sabotaged by unacknowledged technical debt and poor prioritisation.

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