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DevOps: Effecting Cultural Change in an Organisation


Brett Delle Grazie, Lead DevOps Consultant for IndigoBlue Consulting, will be one of the speakers at the BCS Agile ‘Fresh Voices’ event in Covent Garden, London on the 19 February 2018 from 6pm–8.30pm GMT.

London, UK, 13 February 2018

Brett Delle Grazie, Lead DevOps Consultant for IndigoBlue Consulting, will be one of the speakers at the BCS Agile ‘Fresh Voices’ event in Covent Garden, London on the 19 February 2018 from 6pm–8.30pm GMT.

Brett – who has recently been shortlisted as DevOps Leader of the Year at the DevOps Excellence Awards 2018 due to his work at the MOJ – will be speaking about how DevOps principles and processes can effect cultural change between DevOps and Operations in an organisation. He will evaluate whether those principles and processes can be used in other parts of an organisation and further examine what that means for the future of DevOps.

The world of software delivery is changing and businesses are demanding responsiveness. Taking an Agile approach, the design and development of software can be made responsive to the needs of customers and the business. But without also adopting a DevOps approach, this responsiveness is often compromised when it comes to deploying applications into production.

Traditional change management and release processes have been designed to safeguard and promote stability and availability, but the processes run too slowly to provide the responsiveness today’s organisations require. In addition, the processes rely on manual procedures which not only slow things further but also involve the risk of human error.

The use of DevOps techniques allows these activities to be conducted automatically in a secure environment without the need for human access to the production environment using processes that have been built, used and tested throughout the development process.

Looking ahead to his presentation, Brett said “DevOps is not just about tool and techniques, it is about culture. It is about building a culture that is focused on optimising governance and compliance so as to establish a responsive delivery process which satisfies business demands to respond to the market quickly, but in a way that does not compromise quality, security or data integrity.

“A DevOps culture brings reduced risk, much more frequent delivery and increased quality by removing ‘hands’ from production through automation. Above all, a DevOps culture encourages organisations to embrace change and automation to improve business responsiveness.”

Click here to register to attend the event.

IndigoBlue will also share the highlights of Brett’s presentation via its blog.



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