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DevOps consulting

Through our DevOps consultancy, your organisation will scale up with confidence to meet ever-growing business pressures and demands, as we guide you along the route to DevOps best practice that is best suited to your business.


Winning hearts and minds for change

You will be seeking the benefits that DevOps delivers, such as improved responsiveness, shorter release cycles and enhanced resilience. Our experts can help you achieve all of these.

But it is your people who are key to a successful DevOps transformation. Your staff may worry about governance not being addressed, technical knowledge becoming obsolete, roles becoming redundant. It’s essential to address their concerns and secure their buy-in.

That’s why our consultants always support the vital cultural change along with the technological change as you progress towards engineering excellence and DevOps maturity.

A bespoke route guide for your organisation's DevOps transformation

A bespoke route guide for your organisation's DevOps transformation

Coaching of executives and management to support buy-in

Coaching of executives and management to support buy-in

Embedded coaching

Embedded coaching to cultivate DevOps ways of working

Selection of the right DevOps tooling for your organisation

Selection of the right DevOps tooling for your organisation

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Your DevOps Pathfinder

IndigoBlue has charted the common routes that organisations take from traditional software management to DevOps best practice and performance. We help you locate yourself on that map and choose the most effective onward route – then support you in bringing your stakeholders and staff along on that journey.

Whatever your DevOps transformation's scope, we help you plan incrementally and prioritise the resolution of bottlenecks so that you can scale up to achieve your business goals, increase productivity and responsiveness, and strengthen safeguards and security.

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The DevOps Pathfinder

Our white paper, The DevOps Pathfinder, enables you to identify your current location on your DevOps journey and plan your best next steps towards DevOps maturity.

Download your copy


Delivering value throughout the transformation

We take an incremental approach to your DevOps transformation, starting with a rapid assessment of your current stage of DevOps maturity. We then work closely with you on a technological and cultural change plan that is iterative and incremental, aiming to deliver early and frequent value.

We support you in implementing the plan through our coaching and consultancy, and through team augmentation if required.

Learnings from each iteration feed into the next, affording you flexibility in prioritising the work and keeping the plan closely aligned to your business goals as you transform to your desired level of DevOps maturity.

Each engagement differs but there are common DevOps transformation routes and our work with you will typically encompass:

    We rapidly review your current operations and DevOps capability in its wider organisational context, to identify the best transformation route for your organisation.

    Our consultants coach you in Agile approaches to incremental planning and prioritisation so that you can deliver business value frequently throughout the DevOps transformation and beyond.

    We can run workshops early in the engagement that offer experiential learning designed to increase your staff’s understanding of DevOps practice and give them some experience of co-operating on the improvement of a software delivery pipeline.

    Our expert practitioners address cultural issues around collaboration and support and coach teams whose roles and responsibilities are affected by the transformation.

    We can supply skilled DevOps engineers to help embed new behaviours and reduce pressure on your staff, strengthening your teams during the transition.

    Ops staff are often unused to applying development discipline to their own code, even when they have experience in helping developers. We guide your operations staff in the adoption of these practices.

    We train your engineers in the use of automation tools to promote collaboration across the pipeline and improve productivity – all the way to the design and creation of self-service systems, if desired.

    Ministry of Justice logo
    Prompted and supported DevOps transformation | Delivery capability enhanced


    Ministry of Justice

    • Provided compelling evidence of the power of automation
    • Convinced senior leadership to embark on establishing a DevOps culture
    • Guided and embedded the establishment of industry-leading DevOps practices
    • Our consultant won DevOps Manager of the Year at the 2018 DevOps Industry Awards for his work



    Driving accelerated value from IT through DevOps

    Here are just some of our achievements in supporting organisations to establish a DevOps culture.

    Maximum security DevOps

    An ‘Apigee’ of innovation through Agile and DevOps

    We supported Prudential and PGDS in the development of Apigee, an API gateway platform deployed on a public Azure cloud, coaching the team to be organisational pioneers in combining Agile and DevOps ways of working. Apigee was designed and delivered in record time thanks to the newly collaborative and incremental approach, and the team established DevOps tools and processes that were rolled out across the business.

    DevOps solution enables 650,000 transactions a day

    DevOps solution enables 650,000 transactions a day

    Klarna is a Swedish e-commerce company that provides payment services to over 60m consumers. We supported Klarna in establishing the DevOps culture, processes and automation they required in order to enhance the resilience and performance of their services to manage 650,000 daily transactions.


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