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Deliver more value, faster

Successful, mature Agile organisations are able to optimise flow from idea through to live with a clear focus on value at every step of the way.

Our expert Agile consultants rapidly identify and address what’s holding your organisation back. If you want to improve the performance and productivity of your Agile teams and expand the benefits of Agile across your organisation, getting our help will accelerate your journey.


From idea to impact, we’ll enable Agile excellence

If Agile isn’t delivering what you expected in spite of hiring great people and investing heavily in your Agile processes and environment, you’re not alone and we can help.

Our end-to-end approach ensures that you have everything in place to drive value from technology investment.

Designing the Agile journey

Designing the Agile journey

We review your Agile delivery capacity in its wider organisational context, providing you with a practical, phased plan of incremental improvements, encompassing everything from your operating model and governance to your engineering and DevOps capability.

Optimising your organisation for Agile

Optimising your organisation for Agile

Our deeply experienced Agile consultants work with your teams to navigate routes through and around existing governance and compliance requirements, shortening lead times whilst retaining control and driving flow to value.

Agile and Lean skills development

Agile and Lean skills development

Our Agile practitioners work with your teams in business and technology functions, providing hands-on support, guidance, training, tailored coaching and professional development to help them achieve their full potential and deliver value sooner and with much greater frequency.

DevOps optimisation

DevOps optimisation

We design and implement optimised DevOps environments to remove technology constraints that impede delivery. We reduce release cycles in all environments to shorten the route to value.

Dixons Carphone
Black Friday records broken: >£70m sales


Dixons Carphone

  • Led the Agile transformation of Dixons Carphone’s eCommerce division
  • Black Friday sales records broken
  • In excess of £70m sales from over 6,000,000 unique visitors
  • Accelerated speed to market achieved and sustained



Faster delivery with enhanced control

We analyse and optimise digital and IT operations both at execution and portfolio level. Time and again, in this way we have increased our clients’ speed and frequency of delivery while enhancing their control.

Optimise Agile across the enterprise

Optimise Agile across the enterprise

Improve throughput by 200%

Improve throughput by 200%

Reduce cycle times and accelerate value

Reduce cycle times and accelerate value – 46 times more frequent code deployments

Reduce cost of ownership

Reduce cost of ownership – 5 times lower change failure rate


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