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De-risking programmes

IndigoBlue’s team of expert practitioners bring the skills and experience required to ensure delivery success. Our Adapt 2.0® planning framework augments Agile and reduces the risks of Agile projects and large-scale, multimodal programmes, offering you a level of assurance and executive insight that simply cannot be found elsewhere.


Establishing programme governance that promotes Agile

You need greater visibility and control of your Agile programme, but you know that frameworks such as PRINCE2 will encourage Waterfall thinking and constrain Agile. No single programme manager can give you the assurance you require. What you need is a partner with a proven Agile programme governance approach that will provide you with appropriate control and visibility of progress without delaying the rapid delivery of value.

Agile governance and portfolio management

Agile governance and portfolio management of enterprise-scale programmes

Embedded Agile and technical experts

Embedded Agile and technical experts to assure delivery

Proven Adapt 2.0® framework

Proven Adapt 2.0® framework to enhance control and speed without constraining Agility

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Optimised Agile for maximised ROI

Adapt 2.0® gives you visibility of your Agile project or programme from an organisation-wide perspective, allowing you to exert timely control over programme issues and to address any internal or external constraints on the programme.

Adapt equips your organisation with the skills to gain control over Agile programmes without constraining the Agile approach. It makes the achievement of the full benefits of Agile far more likely.


Providing the gold standard in Agile programme assurance

Our expert practitioner delivery consultants have extensive experience of running multi-million-pound programmes in a wide range of contexts – from managing multi-supplier engagements, to troubleshooting programmes that have veered off course, to delivering successful programmes in bimodal and multimodal environments.

For control without constraint, adopt the gold standard in Agile programme assurance – work with IndigoBlue.

    Project initiation (discovery) is critical to achieving successful outcomes. Using the principles of Adapt 2.0®, we provide support to extend Agile and provide structured planning, forecasting and reporting, clearly linking value to deliverables and giving you the level of visibility and control you require to progress with confidence.

    From programme manager to lead tester, product manager to architect, IndigoBlue provides skilled, experienced staff to de-risk your project. Working as fully integrated members of ‘rainbow’ teams, our experts are proven to ensure successful outcomes.

    Where required, we can provide management resource to drive forward your Agile project or programme to deliver incremental value to your organisation early and often.

    The Guardian
    On time and within £500K budget



    • Early completion target for new web platform achieved through Agile programme management
    • Programme governance and control restored to Executive Management
    • User experience enhancements and flexible content management toolkit gave Guardian the competitive edge
    • Internal resources professionally developed reducing dependency on external resources



    Providing the confidence of delivery you need

    Here are just some of our achievements in supporting organisations to de-risk Agile projects and programmes of all sizes, providing an unrivalled level of assurance.

    Programme assurance

    Programme assurance to drive vigorous growth

    Provided key members of staff, including a Product Manager and Project Manager, to de-risk the development of Bibendum Wine’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and related systems, supporting business growth and an aggressive acquisition strategy.

    Mitigating the impact of rapid growth on teams

    Mitigating the impact of rapid growth on teams

    During a period of rapid growth for Skyscape, a cloud service provider, we mitigated the risk of them growing their internal team too quickly at the expense of quality. Our embedded experts coached the team in Agile project and portfolio management, driving the redevelopment of Skyscape’s administration and billing platform.

    Embedded experts to deliver on time and budget

    Embedded experts to deliver on time and budget

    De-risked and ensured the successful delivery of a business-critical programme of multiple digital projects to overhaul Specsavers’ web offering through the provision of Agile experts in the roles of Programme Manager, Scrum Master and Business Analyst.

    Assuring Black Friday success for Dixons Carphone

    Assuring Black Friday success for Dixons Carphone

    Ensured that critical product updates were completed in time for a record-breaking Black Friday through introducing a new approach to governance and portfolio management, complemented by embedded Agile coaches in product teams and technical coaches in offshore delivery teams.


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