Work with the best in the industry in a challenging, stimulating, enjoyable environment, with:

  • Competitive salary packages;
  • Share option bonuses;
  • A culture of excellence.

Similar to most leading companies, we aim to recruit and retain the best people. Unlike most companies we succeed. Through a combination of competitive salary packages and stock bonuses we ensure you are fully rewarded for the contribution you make.

But we understand your employment satisfaction doesn't end with remuneration. You'll be challenged in our professional yet relaxed environment in which your initiative and talent will ensure you prosper. This is reflected in a strong culture; one of excellence, openness and fun - values which we believe in strongly and which we encourage in you.

If you have the drive, intelligence and clarity of thinking to contribute to our development, we'll be happy to hear from you. If this sounds like you, please check the current opportunities that exist for experienced IT professionals.

Due to continued expansion, we're currently recruiting across a number of disciplines, and have immediate requirement for:

  • Senior project and programme managers
  • Process consultants

If you are degree-level educated, highly motivated and self-starting, and have a passion for life, with:

  • Senior management experiences;
  • A passion for IT; and
  • A willingness to challenge existing ideas;

And if you enjoy:

  • Challenging discussions on process, technology;
  • Building relationships at all levels within an organisation;
  • Constantly learning, questioning and re-evaluating ideas;

Then call us now on +44 (0)20 7692 4832 and ask for recruitment. Alternatively complete the contact form or email us enclosing your CV and covering letter.

Our Blog

Bridging the gap

Building trust to create successful delivery teams is something that came up in a recent conversation about why some Agile teams don't quite deliver on the expectations they set with the business stakeholders.
John Wright
John Wright | 9 June 2017

So, has it all been said?

Everybody does it now don't they? Maybe not everyone, but doing Agile is most definitely a thing these days. Everywhere you look there are Scrum teams, product owners, user researchers, coaches, test-driven developers, automation experts. But are all organisations getting value out of their investment in Agile?
John Wright
John Wright | 19 May 2017