A Cultural Commitment

Scott Burgess
Scott Burgess | 10 February 2017

In my career, I’ve worked in offices with both good and bad cultures.  A couple of the highlights have been Sky Betting & Gaming (SB&G) in Leeds, and the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) in Coventry.  Both of these had (and I assume still have) great cultures.  

My latest venture since November is at the National Offenders Management Service (NOMS).  Working as part of the new Digital Studio in Sheffield which is still very much in its infancy with a large amount of recruitment on-going.  Upon starting I have been very impressed by the culture that is being masterfully cultivated by IndigoBlue’s own Richard Carter.  It’s my view that if you recruit good people, give them a solid goal and a place of work that is vibrant and fun you will get fantastic results.  I can see all of this developing here at NOMS, and I am very excited by it.  There are so many little things in place to encourage this, from the Kudo box (which is actually used) to the PechaKucha style presentations session we had a couple of weeks ago.

So, why have I entitled this blog post “A Cultural Commitment”?  Well, my aim in writing this is not to highlight what I believe makes a good culture.  There are thousands of blog posts out there on that topic.  Instead, my New Years resolution, was to not to allow myself to fall into the same trap I (and others) regularly do 

In both SB&G and SFA, I was part of a small team which grew.  At SFA my team was the start of what became a large programme in SFA and at SB&G I was part of the first in-house development team which grew into multiple independent Tribes each with multiple teams and in both cases, I saw individuals take those great cultures for granted.  It required considerable effort to keep the cultures great and improving.

So my Cultural Commitment is to keep focusing on not just maintaining this great budding culture we have here at NOMS Sheffield but to keep actively looking to improve it.