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We need CRM?

12 May 2011

| Author: Anthony Flack


We need CRM?

“We need CRM.” I have heard this statement frequently when speaking with Not for Profit/Membership and Financial Service organisations.

When I dig a little deeper and explore with clients what is really required, then the possible dangers of the ubiquitous CRM solution become evident. Simply investigating with the client what the target business improvement is will start to steer the dialogue in a more effective direction.

When I ask clients about their intended use of the CRM, I usually get a variety of responses. One client that comes to mind responded with “CRM things” and I established that the organisation had not really given much strategic thought to the decision and had already started to talk to potential suppliers.

More recently, I was impressed and refreshed by a client who stated “do not tell me I need CRM, because I do not”. This client then explained that he needed to get all his client-related data collected, cleaned and stored effectively in one place, with client-friendly update processes and built-in data quality rules. What this client required was assistance with the management of data from the business systems which would allow them to have better contact management.

Organisations are like people. As individuals, we often buy something to make us feel better or to solve a perceived problem. When considering purchasing a CRM, it is beneficial to identify the cause of the problem and explore potential solutions before you buy.

IndigoBlue provides support to Not-for-Profit organisations to create and implement their CRM strategies – if your organisation is looking for this kind of support, please get in touch.

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Anthony Flack

Anthony has wide experience and success in the delivery of digital and business systems transformation. He has specialist knowledge in incremental planning, sustainable delivery through teams and the pragmatic application of Agile.


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