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A Virtual Tour of the NHSBSA Digital Hub

08 May 2018

| Author: Laurence Wood


A Virtual Tour of the NHSBSA Digital Hub

A visualisation exemplar for Agile Manchester delegates

Visualisation exampleVisualisation is not about creating a pretty wall display, but about the habits we can encourage in the people experiencing this new approach.

Visitors to the Digital Hub in Newcastle always come away enthused by the buzz resulting from a new way of working aimed at driving cultural change in large organisations. So, we decided to virtualise the tour and share it more widely.

Key staff from NHSBSA will be at Agile Manchester 2018 to share their experiences in partnership with IndigoBlue Consulting. Our training and coaching services have played an important role in the NHSBSA's two-year digital and Agile transformation, now seen as an exemplar.

Delegates will see where we came from and why we set out on this journey. What cultural changes were sought and why? They will experience how visualisation has been used to drive different habits. Both at project team and portfolio level, walls drive a new way of talking to one another. Issues become apparent sooner and are discussed more openly and so resolved collaboratively.

Another visualisation exampleIn the virtual tour, NHSBSA Organisational Development lead, Nicoll Loyd, explains the strategy from a human developmental perspective rarely experienced by Agile practitioners. I share how this brought a unique strength to the transformation. We look at the physical environment that has now resulted and critique the various furniture and tools we tested and adopted. Posh and expensive is not always the most effective.

To ensure that delegates take away something useful, they will explore hands-on how visualisation could be used to prioritise the content of their releases collaboratively – and then we will identify together key facets of a cultural change initiative that they might currently be involved in so that they can compare and consider where their focus needs to be next.

Do join us on Thursday afternoon @AgileManc or contact me @AgileLozenge if you would like more information or to discuss how the virtual tour might visit you.

A wider view of the digital hub

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Laurence Wood

Laurence inspires teams and leaders to deliver more value, more often using Agile and Lean in India and the UK. His Lean and Agile experience spans 25 years from Jaguar apprentice to Agile Programme Manager at Callcredit Information Group via City of London Head of IT.


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