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Looking for Mr Wright!

24 Jul 2018

| Author: Paul Dykes


Looking for Mr Wright!

When they heard John Wright was leaving IndigoBlue after 12 years to pursue an exciting new opportunity, Smash Hits journalists came out of retirement to do one last interview...

Who was your favourite client?John-Wright-new.jpg

Too many to mention but the Met Police’s Digital Policing Programme​ was ​probably the most complete engagement​ and enjoyable client to work with. ​Working with Gary Fitzpatrick, Stephen Deakin and Ian McEwen, we helped train over 150 internal Met Police staff, set up the Agile operating model and governance structure, led the DevOps delivery and integration with service management, facilitated architectural governance, on-boarded multi-supplier delivery teams, coached new Agile delivery teams to think incrementally, and delivered mobile applications into the hands of front-line police officers to significantly reduce administrative desk-based policing time.

What colour do you think Friday is?

Blue, I don't understand how it could be anything else?​

Which is your favourite Agile game?

There are many games that help get over different Agile concepts, the coin game is fast and fun, ​and IndigoBlue's Real Roles game is a great opportunity to help teams understand their own roles and responsibilities at the start of an engagement. I probably shouldn't admit this, but I've never played the marshmallow game, does that mean I shouldn't really call myself an Agile Coach?

What was your best achievement in the role?

I guess being nominated and winning Best Agile Coach in 2012 at the Agile Awards, great to be recognised by your clients for the work you have done for them​.

What was the best excuse you used at school to get out of PE?

​I loved PE so never wanted to get out of it.​

What was the best project you worked on?

For many reasons, this has to be the Amberhill project for the Met Police, GDS and the Home Office. A great team, big thanks to Duncan Green in the early stages and Dave Bower and Allan McLeod for the core delivery. We changed the way ​Gary Miles (of Crimewatch fame) and Russ Middleton's team at Amberhill worked.

Delivering​ a working system in six weeks that reduced paperwork and eliminated spreadsheet hell​, w​e ​continued to ​deliver new features every two weeks ​for over three years. Building the nation's central repository for fraudulent identity documents, we helped prevent the use of fraudulent documents in criminal activity. The project culminated in winning the Best Public Sector Project at Computing's UKIT Awards in November 2015 and then singing Livin' on a Prayer very loudly with a bottle of bubbly!

If you were an animal, what would you be?

​Probably an owl, not just because I support Sheffield Wednesday, but there is a considered nature to them and I'd love to be able to twist my head around 180 degrees!

What's the best thing about being an Agile consultant?

​Helping organisations become more responsive and helping their staff focus on regularly delivering value. Helping them do things differently and not just do the things the way they have always been done because that's the way they have always been done.​

Have you ever accidentally swallowed a fly?

​Yes, and it wasn't pleasant, it actually happened five days in a row, cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats to raise money for Shooting Star Chase children's hospital​. Note to self, when cycling at over 40mph down a hill on a busy dual carriageway – keep your mouth shut. Keeping control of a bike while choking on a fly is not fun at that speed.

What is your best Christmas party memory?

​I​’m not sure I can remember much about many of them, maybe that answers your question?​ But the fact we always invited partners to the party helped create a family atmosphere in the company.​

Who were your heroes and heroines when you were growing up?

​I was totally obsessed with sport when growing up, so probably Kenny Dalglish and Kathy Cook (met her once when I was about 12, that was very exciting)!​

What's the best thing about working for IndigoBlue?

It’s a highly skilled team, everyone happy to help everyone else, with a variety of work for clients with challenging projects across many different sectors throughout the country. Certainly not predictable!

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