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Breakfast Briefing: how to achieve Business Agility

27 Sep 2018

| Author: James Yoxall


Breakfast Briefing: how to achieve Business Agility

Agile is dead, long live Agile.

Agile delivery is arguably old hat, done and dusted. Even if organisations haven’t achieved all the promised benefits, they have changed about as far as they intend to for now. Apart from some late arrivals at the party, Agile is well understood and every CV and supplier assures us of outstanding Agile credentials.

“The problem,” says the transformation and coaching team when the hard-won transition to Agile has made little difference outside of the IT department, “is that the business don’t get Agile.”

While in theory Agile has always been about the end-to-end delivery of value, in practice it has primarily been an IT-led initiative and too often remained within IT – or worse, only within development.

And yet at the same time, there are convincing arguments developing that Agility is fundamental to business survival in the digital era. Digital startups are reputed to have it by default, but need to retain it as they grow larger, while established organisations need it in order to fend off the upstarts.

This is often referred to as Business Agility. We're running an Executive Breakfast Briefing on Wednesday 17 October for Director-level or above which is designed to give you insight into what Business Agility truly means and provide practical advice on how it can be achieved – without having to resort to big transformations.

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James Yoxall

Joint founder of IndigoBlue, James is a recognised expert in the Agile community. His work on Dynamic Uncertainty Management and Incremental Strategy has revolutionised the approach to the implementation of Agile at scale.


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