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Agile Strategy Planning

19 Jun 2018

| Author: John Botting


Agile Strategy Planning

Taking an Agile approach to planning for strategic change and reshaping the Target Operating Model is effective and provokes proactive action about managing uncertainty in line with the three planning horizons: short, medium and long term.

For a strategic change programme to be successful, it needs to launch on the correct footing and not set lots of activities happening at once. The focus should be on strategy and how the Target Operating Model fits in with this strategy – so using Agile to plan incrementally and iteratively will bring benefits and secure the organisation’s buy-in by communicating the approach.

Agile Strategy Planning is an interesting topic and while there are many thoughts on how to prevent any false starts, it is clear on the why – the benefits of shrinking the planning batch to deliver more frequently.

Strategy Planning: The Journey Overview

The following journey is the natural starting point:



The recommendation is to run a workshop with the identified stakeholders, using vision cards to create candidates for the strategy based on criteria including the business need, the target group, revenue and cost factors as well as the description of the strategic product. The candidates are scored against each other using relative estimation methods to identify the high-priority portfolio opportunities and understand how they can be delivered. The organisation can then use these prioritised candidates to set up and implement projects to achieve this set of strategic intents.

This tried-and-tested approach has been successful time and again for our clients, including the Home Office. Each time, the strategy becomes a key part of governance, enabling stakeholders to engage through regular reviews and measure progress towards clear objectives. Furthermore, it enables delivery teams to align with standard governance requirements without constraining agility.

If you are similarly looking for support in setting up a strategic change programme to give it the best chance of success, we can help – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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John Botting

As a Programme Director and Consultant, John is a proven change leader both in delivering strategy and in shaping and implementing portfolios containing £multi-million e-commerce and operational projects.


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