So, has it all been said?

Everybody does it now don't they? Maybe not everyone, but doing Agile is most definitely a thing these days. Everywhere you look there are Scrum teams, product owners, user researchers, coaches, test-driven developers, automation experts. But are all organisations getting value out of their investment in Agile?
John Wright
John Wright | 19 May 2017

Building Trust

High performing teams know more about trust. Successful, delivery teams need trust, and need to be trusted.
Laurence Wood
Laurence Wood | 21 February 2017

The Forward View for the NHS

Delivery of healthcare and social services in England is transforming. It should be more agile in future, and it appears to be a change in structure and governance that is making this happen.
Peter Bird
Peter Bird | 21 February 2017

Start with a Bang

Working with organisations, and departments within them, that provide a membership service, brought to light some interest in the Member Engagement Toolkit for 2017.
Peter Bird
Peter Bird | 14 February 2017

Questions of Uncertainty

We have been doing some work on uncertainty management and, while not exactly turning over a new page in the uncertainty management handbook, we feel this might be worth a mention.
Peter Bird
Peter Bird | 7 February 2017

That escalated quickly. IR35 v2.0

It is unusual in Government to have an abrupt change in legislation and be able to rapidly monitor its effects, but that is about to happen. Welcome to the world of IR35 v2.0
Jason Smith
Jason Smith | 31 January 2017

Innovate to Grow

It is often said that if a business or service delivery organisation doesn’t innovate then it will perish. We have recently been engaged with a number of customers having to tackle this issue.
Peter Bird
Peter Bird | 29 November 2016