Agile Transformation

The strategic aims of organisations adopting Agile are common: to reduce time to market; to achieve business “fit”, and increase usability and customer centricity; to reduce defects (improve quality); and to reduce long-term cost of ownership.

IndigoBlue has unrivalled experience in meeting these challenges and successfully building sustainable, enduring Agile capability.  Importantly, we enable organisations to execute Agile projects that align with the business and with non-Agile projects within the portfolio, and are governable.

Working in partnership with our clients, we repeatedly deliver award-winning, enterprise-scale, sustainable change.

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The IndigoBlue approach to Agile transformation

IndigoBlue’s success lies in our ability to drive a step-change in Agile adoption at your organisation because we support a wide range of organisational changes beyond the delivery layer. These look at upstream and downstream activities, from idea inception through to live, ensuring the removal of impediments and barriers to the successful application of Agile and help your organisation transition to a new, responsive mindset.

We work with you to optimise the whole and focus on delivery of value, reducing cycle times and driving both ROI and stakeholder and customer satisfaction. We enable you to leverage Agile to improve flow through delivery, whilst recognising the constraints of legacy systems. We have adaptive approaches that enable the successful co-existence of Agile execution alongside other project delivery approaches.

Embedding Agile

We have been successfully transforming organisations for over 15 years and particularly where change can be hard to achieve, in complex environments.

Hands-on coaching is an essential part of this. We work with our customers on a day-to-day basis, helping to direct the teams, address challenges and resolve constraints in a manner which is consistent with Agile. This latter point is key as it is common for individuals to fall back into previous, suboptimal ways of working when pressure mounts.

Typical coaching activities include:

  • Guidance in the use of specific techniques, e.g. feature (user story) generation and prioritisation, planning, test-driven implementation, quality assurance and incremental database design.
  • Support to review progress (of both project and process adoption), address issues and reservations, challenge proposed solutions, set new goals and provide general advice.
  • Assistance to the extended project and product management team in producing appropriate plans, organising the project team, and defining the interactions between the project team and external contact points, e.g. the architecture group, governance bodies and customer representatives.
  • Facilitation of various meetings to provide a template to be adopted moving forward. This includes planning meetings, daily stand-up meetings, wash-up meetings and process review meetings.
  • Support for stakeholders and executives in understanding the governance outputs and controlling the direction of the programme.

Our primary mechanism to ensure the sustainable adoption of Agile is through the use of Agile ’Champions‘. These individuals are the primary focus of support and coaching, with the aim of quickly developing a high degree of understanding and skill in Agile such that the Champions can then provide support after our involvement has come to an end.

There is a range of proven approaches that assist organisations in scaling and embedding Agile, with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) as one example. We can support you in selecting and implementing the approach best suited to your organisation.

Most of our consultants have over 15 years’ experience in transformation and Agile delivery as well as  assurance of Agile programmes. Many have executive management experience within Blue Chip organisations.

IndigoBlue were winners of Agile Consultancy of the Year 2011/12. IndigoBlue’s Amberhill project won an IT Excellence Award at the UKIT Awards in 2015, we were nominated as finalists in the Digital and Technology category of the Management Consultancies Association awards 2017 and our change programme at the Guardian won a number of industry recognised awards.

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Training and Knowledge Development

Although not sufficient on its own, training is a key element in the development of skills and capability within any change programme. IndigoBlue offers a range of introductory and advanced courses which are tailored to meet our customers’ needs.

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