Agile Transformation

Great people don’t guarantee delivery success. Success requires a blend of people, process, environment and culture. IndigoBlue ensures and assures each of these.

We work with our customers to transform their delivery capability through the introduction of advanced Agile thinking, processes and techniques; and we build and deploy dynamic, skilled teams with IndigoBlue delivery assurance.

Together we confidently deliver award-winning, enterprise-scale change.

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Organisational Transformation

Cultural change should be a significant component of any transformation programme, but strangely it is one that is often overlooked. It is not uncommon for organisations to focus on the development of skills whilst ignoring the potentially greater change challenge. IndigoBlue recognises this need and the benefits that change management offers. We utilise the proven, industry-leading methodology Prosci to provide structure and tools to reduce timescales and ensure success.

The key elements of the IndigoBlue Prosci-based approach are as follows:

  1. A structured approach to stakeholder engagement and change planning.
  2. The use of the ADKAR model for measurement and refinement
  3. A proven set of ten resistance management tools

The deployment of this approach offers two key advantages to our customers: it accelerates the pace of change and ensures long-term sustainability; and it equips the organisation to undertake further successful change in the future.

Embedding Agile

IndigoBlue was formed specifically to help organisations though the challenges of adopting Agile and building successful delivery capability. We recognised that it is not sufficient to simply improve the delivery process; the wider organisational and cultural challenges must also be addressed.

Our expert approach to change has been successfully used for over ten years and is proven in the most complex environments. We work with our customers and deploy change agents in key areas to ensure a deep, sustainable transformation.

Hands-on coaching is essential to provide day-to-day support to the Agile team and ensure appropriate adoption of the process. IndigoBlue is, we believe, the longest established consultancy focused on Agile and we were founded with the specific aim of supporting organisations in the embedding of Agile thinking, processes and techniques. 

We work with our customers on a day-to-day basis, helping to direct the team, address challenges and resolve constraints in a manner which is consistent with Agile. This latter point is key as it is common for individuals to fall back into previous, suboptimal ways of working when pressure mounts.

Typical coaching activities include:

  • Guidance in the use of specific techniques, e.g. feature (user story) generation and prioritisation, planning, test-driven implementation, quality assurance and incremental database design.
  • Support to review progress (of both project and process adoption), address issues and reservations, challenge proposed solutions, set new goals and provide general advice.
  • Assistance to the extended project and product management team in producing appropriate plans, organising the project team, and defining the interactions between the project team and external contact points, e.g. the architecture group, governance bodies and customer representatives.
  • Facilitation of various meetings to provide a template to be adopted moving forward. This includes planning meetings, daily stand-up meetings, wash-up meetings and process review meetings.
  • Support for stakeholders and executives in understanding the governance outputs and controlling the direction of the programme.

The primary aim of any skills transfer work is to ensure that the successes achieved in the adoption of Agile are sustainable. Our primary mechanism used to achieve this is through the use of Agile ’Champions‘.

These individuals are the primary focus of support and coaching, with the aim of quickly developing a high degree of understanding and skill in Agile such that they can then provide support after our involvement has come to an end. IndigoBlue will facilitate the development of the Champions team and the initiation meetings of the group. This should extend beyond those immediately engaged on the team.

Our success in working with organisations and coaching individuals to build sustainable Agile capability is, we believe, unrivalled. Two of our customers, Guardian and IPC, have been recognised for their expertise through Agile industry awards (in successive years), and one of our consultants, John Wright, received industry recognition for his skills by winning Coach of the Year at the UK Agile Awards 2012.

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Training and Knowledge Development

Although not sufficient on its own, training is a key element in the development of skills and capability within any change programme. IndigoBlue offers a range of introductory and advanced courses which are tailored to meet our customers’ needs.

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