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Agile coaching and training

Through our coaching, consultancy and training services, we support your organisation in achieving peak Agility, creating highly proficient, collaborative teams delivering value faster to your users and customers.


Unlocking the full benefits of Agile

You know that Agile should be delivering more. Your teams are busy but not productive and the budget’s being consumed. Releasing is as costly and slow as it ever was. The early value Agile promised to deliver has yet to arrive.

Help is at hand. With targeted support from our Agile experts, you can unlock the full benefits of Agile. We tailor our on-site training courses to your organisation's needs and by embedding our expert coaches in your teams, we accelerate their improvement.

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Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) courses

Our courses support the cultural change that will drive your successful transformation to a SAFe®-leveraging Lean-Agile enterprise.


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Agile Digital Services (AgileDS™) courses

Whatever your role, APMG’s AgileDS™ course is designed to enable you to contribute effectively to Agile service delivery following the GDS framework.


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Agile Project Management (AgilePM®) courses

Whether you are new to Agile or wish to mature existing ways of working, AgilePM® is a flexible framework suited to your organisation's needs.


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IndigoBlue Agile training courses

IndigoBlue provides a wide variety of courses in Agile, Lean and Kanban at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels for teams and executives.


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Optimised Agile for maximised ROI

By honing your teams’ Agile behaviours to improve communication and collaboration, we build their skills, reduce waste, optimise flow and improve productivity. From the operation of the Scrum to more advanced knowledge of incremental delivery of value and dynamic management of uncertainty, we help your organisation vastly increase both speed to market and ROI.


Hands-on coaching for sustainable change

Our expert coaches work directly with your teams to enhance their Agile understanding, behaviours and practical skills. Through our coaching, we cultivate excellence in Agile planning, delivery and governance. Where there are gaps in your teams that need to be filled, we help you to recruit high performing Agile specialists who fit the bill.

We can also work with you to establish your organisation’s Agile Centre of Excellence which captures and radiates this emerging best practice, ensuring sustainable change after we have left.

    We review your Agile delivery capacity in its wider organisational context against the Agile Maturity Matrix, providing you with a practical, phased plan of incremental improvements. 

    As part of our diagnostic review, we assess your engineering capability, including DevOps, architecture and test automation.

    Our expert Agile coaches and trainers work hand-in-hand with your teams across the business and IT to provide tailored guidance and professional development to help them achieve their full potential. 

    Our senior consultants bring their extensive business experience to bear to support and coach executives in the effective governance of Agile programmes.

    We utilise Design Thinking, Solution Value Mapping, Story Mapping and Architectural Component design to define the context and accelerate effective Agile planning.

    We seek sustainable change for our clients, working closely with you to set a pace that is effective in delivering your objectives and ensuring new ways of working remain in place after we’ve gone. 

    APMG AgilePM® certified training
    >200 people trained globally | High marks achieved


    Multi-national agribusiness

    • Client leading an ambitious Agile transformation programme sought to rapidly upskill its workforce
    • We tailored the APMG’s certified AgilePM® course to meet the client's needs
    • Over 200 people trained across four continents
    • All achieved high pass marks
    • Additionally, we helped embed the new learning through team coaching



    Peak Agility for high-performing teams

    Here are just some of our achievements in supporting organisations through Agile coaching and training to hone ways of working and optimise team performance.

    End-to-end refinement

    End-to-end refinement of Agile capability

    Following a review of business engagement, governance, delivery process and environment, we implemented a change plan that saw us coaching VocaLink’s development and product teams to optimise the end-to-end lifecycle of product development, removing constraints in order to greatly enhance the flow of work.

    Training the fitness trainers

    Training the fitness trainers to boost productivity

    The raw Agile talent of Freeletics’ product teams was refined through coaching in optimal Agile product management, processes and ways of working, driving massive productivity gains and continually improving the personal trainer app in support of the company’s growth plans.

    Supercharged Agile

    Supercharged Agile for rapid speed to market

    Supported Catlin’s teams on a programme to move from a monolithic legacy system to a more versatile, component-based architecture by enhancing the teams’ Agile capability and coaching the business to think incrementally, resulting in reduced cycle times and dramatically increased speed to market.

    Record-breaking sales

    Record-breaking sales thanks to Agile coaching

    Our embedded Agile coaches provided tailored coaching to Dixons Carphone’s Scrum teams, honing their Agile capability to enable them to complete an ambitious backlog of product improvements in time for Dixons to achieve record-breaking sales on Black Friday 2015.


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