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Your answer to governing Agile

Make better decisions at the portfolio level by receiving the right level of information at the right time, without losing the speed and quality benefits that Agile brings.

IndigoBlue’s Adapt 2.0® framework enhances Agile’s principles and processes in a way that facilitates governance of Agile delivery, allowing you to de-risk programmes and drive early and on-going ROI.


Insight & intervention in an Agile world

Are delivery teams telling you they cannot provide estimates or make a commitment because they are working in an Agile way? Yet, these are needed to run a portfolio (and indeed, an organisation) effectively. The challenge is to provide the required information to support decision-making without constraining the Agile approach.

Your teams can use Adapt 2.0® to initiate, plan and deliver Agile work streams in a way that allows them to control scope, make forecasts, manage risks and uncertainties, and report on progress towards objectives – all while enhancing Agility, allowing you to identify the most valuable work to do next.


Set clear objectives and communicate the value that teams are working to deliver


Integrate delivery work with portfolio planning


Receive timely notifications when agreed objectives are at risk


Make informed decisions on how to target investment to deliver most value


How Adapt supports governance

At the heart of Adapt’s governance model is a structured approach to arriving at an agreed, well-structured baseline which also promotes Agile benefits; a collaborative statement of mutual expectations of delivery and of the business stakeholders.

Critical to the baseline is the explicit recognition of collectively owned uncertainty about what the detailed solution will be; this requires you all to define expectations at a higher level and focus on the objectives, not the solution itself. As delivery proceeds, you have continual visibility of progress towards the defined objective, with reference to the agreed baseline target and velocity – meaning you can exercise timely control if things veer off course.


De-risked delivery and faster ROI

The efficacy of our Adapt 2.0® governance framework has been proven time and again with clients of all sizes, making it possible for teams to meet their commitments and for organisations to achieve their objectives.

Importantly, it has enabled organisations with legacy IT to deliver value at two different release cycle speeds, managing dependencies between them. The results in each case have been early delivery of value, user-centric solutions and faster ROI.


Agile governance of a trailblazing project

By applying our governance model to the National Fraudulent Identity Document Database project being run by the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police, we assured the delivery of the system. Its first incremental release processed 2.3 times the previous volume of potentially fraudulent documents, doubling the value of prevented fraud.


De-risked delivery of professional network

Commissioned by Creative Skillset to provide delivery assurance of its Hiive platform, we applied our governance model for Agile delivery and as a result, this professional network for the creative industries was launched to great acclaim on time and on budget, and Hiive was Highly Commended at the UK IT Awards in the category of Digital Project of the Year.


Governance of a transformation with global reach

The scope and complexity of the British Council’s digital transformation programme – including global roll-out of a Drupal CMS and launch of a new corporate website and 110 country websites – required a high-quality governance framework to ensure cost-effective delivery to aggressive timescales, something amply supplied by the application of Adapt.

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Download the Adapt 2.0® Overview

Download your copy of the Adapt 2.0® Framework overview which explains the difference that Adapt makes to Agile governance and describes its basis in core Agile principles.


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On time and within £500k budget



  • Early completion target for new web platform achieved through Agile programme management
  • Programme governance and control restored to Executive Management
  • User experience enhancements and flexible content management toolkit gave Guardian the competitive edge
  • Internal resources professionally developed reducing dependency on external resources



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