Since our incorporation in 2002, we have achieved continuous growth of our company, our client list and our reputation. The company was acquired by Mastek UK in April 2015, and operates in partnership with its parent as a wholly owned subsidiary. 

Since our inception, we have been particularly proud to have been at the forefront of a number of cutting edge projects in the UK. We designed the award-winning technology change strategy for the YHA’s Customer First programme; we pioneered the use of Agile in Government (with the Institute for Government) and we ran the Amberhill ID Fraud Prevention programme with the Metropolitan Police, which was recently awarded the ’Best Public Sector Project’. We are the current holders of the prestigious Agile Consultancy of the Year award.

All our consultants share our passion for Agile. They are all graduates and specialists in their field, with a minimum of 15 years' experience, and all have held senior positions in either programme or divisional management. Our customers range from the largest blue chip organisations to small specialist groups, in both the public and private sector, and across a diverse industry range.

Putting Our Customers First

True to our ethos, we take an incremental, Agile approach to all of our work, building on the value and understanding from successive increments. In this way, change is driven by you – our customer – rather than prescribed at the outset and imposed. Consequently, self-sufficiency is often achieved significantly earlier than initially anticipated.

This incremental approach is ideal in an organisational change management programme, as the rate that change can be achieved can never be fully understood at the outset; it is essential to build-in feedback loops.

Our Blog

Bridging the gap

Building trust to create successful delivery teams is something that came up in a recent conversation about why some Agile teams don't quite deliver on the expectations they set with the business stakeholders.
John Wright
John Wright | 9 June 2017

So, has it all been said?

Everybody does it now don't they? Maybe not everyone, but doing Agile is most definitely a thing these days. Everywhere you look there are Scrum teams, product owners, user researchers, coaches, test-driven developers, automation experts. But are all organisations getting value out of their investment in Agile?
John Wright
John Wright | 19 May 2017