Drawing upon our industry leading Agile expertise, we work with our customers to build multi-disciplined change teams.  Working together within the structure of the Adapt 2.0 governance framework, we assure delivery success. 

IndigoBlue recognises that the best people are not necessarily in one place.  We work with our parent company, Mastek, and employ a flexible model in which our core team of consultants is supplemented by our customers’ staff, by third parties and by tried and tested associates, all highly skilled professionals with in-depth Agile expertise. 

This approach has been proven on some of the world’s largest incremental programmes.  It accelerates knowledge sharing, increases communication and collaboration, and reduces risk and cost.


IndigoBlue has a proven track record of providing high-quality development teams and managing delivery against defined outcomes.  A key pillar of our approach is only to engage developers and testers who have a deep interest in the underlying principles of engineering excellence. 

IndigoBlue is technology-agnostic, given the importance of underlying engineering principles relative to language specifics.  We have equal levels of Java and .NET experience.  If able to choose a technology without reference to customer constraints, we would give marginal preference to Java/Linux due to the easier automation environment, and a slightly better level of development tool support.  

Our approach covers every aspect of programme delivery, and includes a significant element of coaching and skills transfer. This includes:

Delivery Process - Our hands-on delivery experts introduce the incremental, iterative process, and standard Agile techniques. This includes coaching and leadership to build responsive, collaborative teams focused on delivery.

A major focus of this is to support the development of Agile ‘Champions’ who receive IndigoBlue’s support and coaching with the aim of quickly developing a high degree of understanding and skill in Agile such that they can ensure the change is sustainable long-term.

Strategy and Business Engagement - Implementation of a structured approach to business engagement, portfolio management and prioritisation. This provides a basis for effective management and governance.  It is essential for the long-term sustainability of change.

Environment - Development and deployment of a world-class engineering and release environment to support incremental delivery and digital service delivery. This requires the provision of technical experts (DevOps and WebOps) to work with our clients to enhance and configure the existing environment.

Management and Governance – Implementation of an appropriate governance framework based on IndigoBlue’s pioneering Adapt 2.0 framework. This includes the definitive approach to forecasting, planning, tracking and stakeholder reporting.

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