The Access Group Think Tank

Earlier this week The Access Group ran an enjoyable and interesting Think Tank session in Central London looking at future trends in NFP and of course updating on their latest offerings and plans for 2014.

It was good to meet with like minded people and the conversation and debate was both lively and constructive, helped along nicely by a very good lunch and a little bit of wine.

Anthony Flack
Anthony Flack | 6 February 2014

Is Agile the cause of Global Warming

In all walks of life we all use labels and tags to abbreviate or aggregate the description of something that may be more extensive or complex. A previous blog by Stan Wade reviewed many of the labels associated with Agile their use and importance; Agile, Lean, Scrum are examples of such labels. 

Agile to the uninitiated can be quite a difficult thing to describe and very often we encounter a statement in a conversation along the lines of “Yes, we do Agile”.  

Anthony Flack
Anthony Flack | 4 February 2014

Hard to change without stakeholder buy in

For starters be warned before you read further this blog may well lack both the creative flair and the worrying knowledge of warfare and weaponry that some of my colleagues possess and successfully weave into their blog. None the less it is intended to share the difficulty a client is experiencing with the adoption of new technology.

Anthony Flack
Anthony Flack | 28 January 2014

Learning from Experience

Many years ago (more than I care to mention), I was working on a project for Logica. At the time I was the young kid on the block - the rising star (you can imagine quite how long ago it was).

Rob Smith
Rob Smith | 8 January 2014

Its hard being a designer

It’s hard being a designer or architect. Firstly, doing the actual design is pretty hard. We don’t trust this task to any but our most experienced team members for good reason. You need experience, domain knowledge and good degree of skill. So, this usually falls to team veterans and here lies one of the big challenges that Agile development creates.

Stan Wade
Stan Wade | 2 December 2013

Considering differing needs of CMS users

I attended a meeting yesterday evening in Birmingham hosted by bit10 for the Midlands Umbraco Meetup. One of the subjects discussed was the introduction of the latest release of the Umbraco CMS v7. There was lots of excited techie discussion about the revised file tree structure where containers hold multiple news items instead of lengthy complex long explorer style like trees; about the tool to handle multiple media items; and AngularJS.

Anthony Flack
Anthony Flack | 27 November 2013

Making the right choice

I picked up a blog post off LinkedIn from blog.itforcharities that refers to a survey by Capterra on the way Charities procure software. It is not altogether reassuring and perhaps explains a lot of the difficulties and regrets that organisations experience with regard to software implementation and successful adoption.

One section of the Capterra report aims to sum up what organisations need to understand regarding the selection process. Three key points emerge

Anthony Flack
Anthony Flack | 22 November 2013

The Design and Technology Association Website and Membership system launch

The Design and Technology Association has launched a brand new digital destination, via its new website developed on Umbraco by digital partners Technicallabs.  The new site is part of an on-going technology modernisation programme for the Design and Technology Association, architected and programme managed by IndigoBlue that will improve the overall membership experience and provide a strong platform for future developments.

Anthony Flack
Anthony Flack | 21 November 2013

Getting UX right first time

Once again I have wandered onto the battlefield between the entrenched armies of UX and development. This is dangerous ground in my experience. The right brained developers fire their ordnance of logic and process and receive in return the UX left brained bombardment of creativity. Of course both are absolutely vital to delivering first class software. It’s like combining water and oil, but as any physicist will tell you, it’s difficult but not impossible with a little bit of effort to create an emulsion of the two.

Stan Wade
Stan Wade | 31 October 2013

Agile Governance Webinar

Back in September James Yoxall presented a webinar in which he provided a detailed picture of what an Agile governance model consists of, and the headline techniques required to take back control without losing the essence of Agile.

Rob Smith
Rob Smith | 15 October 2013

Agile Business Conference and Memberwise

At the end of a busy week,  I'd like to thank and commend the organisers of this year's Memberwise and Agile Business Conference for two excellent events.  Both were extremely well attended, informative and enjoyable,  and Richard Gott and Mary Henson in particular should be proud of their achievements.

Rob Smith
Rob Smith | 11 October 2013