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Senior Consultant

Alex is a senior consultant at Silverbear, a leading provider of Microsoft-based membership and events software. Alex helps membership organisations implement Silverbear's Microsoft Dynamics CRM-based solutions to give them innovative, intelligent and integrated membership management solutions.

Prior to joining Silverbear, Alex was a senior consultant with IndigoBlue. At IndigoBlue, Alex worked mainly on Agile Change Strategy projects for IndigoBlue's Not-for-Profit and commercial clients including Agile CIO roles, strategic IT reviews and IT system procurement support. His specialisms included IT architecture, website strategy, CRM, website CMS and web services.

Alex previously worked for security X-ray company CXR/Rapiscan as a programme manager reporting at board level and systems engineering manager on the company's revolutionary £50m new X-ray product development programme and for Logica across a number of market sectors including pharmaceuticals, government and defence.

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Alex is a keen blogger, writing on strategic IT / NFP related topics, particularly CRM and web technologies. Alex started blogging at IndigoBlue; his blog posts, articles and book reviews are linked below.

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