Digital Strategy

Amongst the varying strategies within an organisation, the digital strategy is unusual in that it has the potential to significantly impact all other areas (e.g. marketing, operations, sales, fulfilment etc.). As such, a successful digital strategy should be deeply intertwined with an organisation’s business strategy.

IndigoBlue’s approach reflects this need. Our focus is not simply on digital channels and the opportunities they bring, but the impact this will have on the wider organisation, and the integration between digital and traditional engagement and delivery channels.  

Importantly we also apply our industry-leading Agile expertise to support our clients as they re-shape their organisation, process and culture to transform to modern, responsive organisations.

IndigoBlue has successfully developed digital strategies for a number of leading organisations. We understand that it is critical that the digital strategy is closely aligned with the prioritised business objectives and that it allows any future digital investments to be validated against these objectives.

Strategy Development

IndigoBlue consultants know what it takes to succeed in a digital world. We work with our customers to develop innovative business change strategies for products, services and customer engagement. Together we increase revenues, reduce administrative overheads and deepen customer relationships. The value we create endures.

Our specialist approach is based on Agile principles, and blends structured organisational analysis with a highly collaborative, iterative process. The output is a comprehensive strategy covering digital services, business process, technology opportunities, recommended systems, integration, cost benefit analysis and proposed change roadmap.

Importantly IndigoBlue strategies draw upon our industry leading expertise in Agile management. We plan for incremental delivery of value to minimise risk and achieve early, optimised return on investment. All of our work adheres to the leading Adapt 2.0 governance framework to ensure stakeholder visibility and control.

Once defined the strategy provides the blueprint for change.

Agile CIO (virtual IT Director) and CDO (Chief Digital Officer)

As organisational dependency on digital increases, so too does the need for senior people with strategic insight who can successfully manage technology. IndigoBlue’s Agile CIO and CDO services provide a cost effective answer to this need.

For a fixed fee, we provide an executive-level partner to address the strategic and operational management of digital technology within organisations. The skills and experience offered by our team can transform business performance and ensure strategic use of technology as a business enabler, and avoiding costly mistakes in procurement of technology solutions.  The service includes:

  • Access to a senior IT professional on a part-time basis
  • Access to IndigoBlue’s wider resources and knowledge pool offering experience across a wide range of industries, technologies and business practices
  • On-going refinement of  IT strategy and implementation
  • Vital support in IT procurement, significantly reducing the risk associated with capital expenditure
  • Experience of working with similar organisations IndigoBlue can help ‘cross-fertilise’ ideas and best practice

Interim Management

Often the need for a strategic re-think is prompted by the departure of a key member of staff; equally the ensuing change may itself demand a restructure. In both of these situations organisations will have short term operational challenges that need to be addressed.

IndigoBlue provides skilled, experienced professionals to undertake interim operational and executive roles, potentially on a part-time basis. All of our consultants have a minimum of 15-years’ experience in technology, and many have held senior positions in blue-chip organisations. We ensure that organisational risks are mitigated and that operational and strategic objectives are not compromised.

Thoughts on Agile Strategic Business Change and Agile Delivery

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