Retail Breakfast Briefing

Last week IndigoBlue hosted it's first Retail Breakfast Briefing of 2016, in conjunction with C3 Partners and Mastek, at the Royal Automobile Club on Pall Mall. The meeting was well attended by a number of senior representation from many household names.

After an initial opportunity to chat and network, a good breakfast was enjoyed by all, before handing over to our two speakers, Andrew McMillan, former Head of Customer Services, at John Lewis Partnership Department Stores, and Perry Price, Retail Operations Manager at Argos.

Anthony Flack
Anthony Flack | 23 May 2016

Form, Plan B and Learning From the Past

In a previous blog I made reference to “form”, adopting the concept from horse racing and applying it to projects. The logic is straightforward.....
Anthony Flack
Anthony Flack | 29 April 2016

Breakfast Briefing - March 2016

On the morning of Thursday 17th IndigoBlue were pleased to host another of our popular breakfast briefings.
Anthony Flack
Anthony Flack | 17 March 2016

What Planning?

Regular, attentive readers of this blog will know that my favourite business-relat

Rob Smith
Rob Smith | 1 March 2016

The Answer is not the Solution

When I first started out, the majority of those who worked in the IT industry were clever people....
Jason Smith
Jason Smith | 16 February 2016

Black and Blue

Black Friday is the day of the year when retailers in the US typically move from loss into profit, acting as the starting gun for a frenzy of present buying and general retail mayhem.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith | 1 February 2016

A Package Deal

Building software is hard. It always has been and I expect always will.   So, over the years we have found better ways of working.....
Stan Wade
Stan Wade | 26 January 2016

Discriminating Taste

Here is an interesting experiment. Ask your friends or colleagues if they think racial discrimination in the office is unacceptable. I'm sure they will all agree that it is.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith | 15 January 2016

MVPs Can Be Dangerous

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) has recently become a meme - people that otherwise know very little about Agile are actively searching for MVPs on their projects.  
James Yoxall
James Yoxall | 8 January 2016

Latin for Every Occasion

That excellent and august body The Institute for Government is carrying out research on Digital Government.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith | 8 January 2016

Interim Agile Care

In mid-December there was a really interesting piece in the CIO magazine where Rachel Murphy - Cooper discusses the work in getting the Nursing and Midwifery Council on the Road to Digital.
Anthony Flack
Anthony Flack | 5 January 2016

Practicing What We Preach

If you are reading this blog, then I sincerely hope you have noticed that IndigoBlue has launched a new website.
Anthony Flack
Anthony Flack | 21 December 2015