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Presenting at the Agile Business Conference

I want to say thank you to everyone who chose to see my presentation at the Agile Business Conference today, where I gave a brief 'experience report' on some models I've been using to understand and report project status over the last couple of years.  


Rendered useless?

IndigoBlue is currently undertaking a small project to update its website to freshen up the content, sharpen the focus of the message and to provide a responsive design. I am however torn as to the value of this latter objective.


Crowdsource funding is about more than just the cash

Yesterday I pledged $40 to a crowdsourced software game project called Star Citizen.  You know, I felt pretty good about it. I won’t get anything playable for probably a year, and of course I may not get anything at all.  But I did my bit to help a project get off the ground that otherwise wouldn’t have without people like me taking an interest.

I am very excited about the level of interest in the new series of talks at the BCS on Agile Business Change, and also honoured to have been asked to give the inaugural presentation on the 17th September.


Labels do count

I have always considered myself an engineer at heart. When I did my first degree, many people considered IT as an engineering discipline.   I was a strong supporter of this classification and still do agree with it having become a Chartered Engineer many years ago now.

At IndigoBlue we have spent many years developing and refining the ideas that help people understand how and why Agile works. In a recent workshop I was asked how our ideas differ from the Agile Manifesto. It’s been a while since I analysed the manifesto in detail, and I found the process interesting.


Why fail?

As Agile continues to increase in popularity and prominence, I’ve become increasingly alarmed at the number of people who seem to have latched on to the idea of “fail fast” as a justification for avoiding, or not meeting, committed outcomes.

"Fail fast" is a great sound-bite, but it doesn't capture the true intention of Agile. There should be no concept of intentional failure, and certainly not of delivering things that don't work properly. Failure is after all failure, no matter how quickly it happens, learning is the real objective.


Agile Awards 2013

The time has come for you to consider who you should be nominating for the Agile Awards for 2013!


The shape of things to come

IndigoBlue is delighted to be working with Vocalink on the development of their new mobile payments platform Zapp, and we're particularly pleased now that the product is public domain. The project has provided an excellent exemplar of how Agile provides significant competitive advantage in environmments where innovation and uncertainty rein, and our approach has enabled the product development to move ahead at pace whilst providing VocaLink with the confidence to set demanding launch timescales.


Harnessing the Web 2013

After the success of last years’ Memberwise Conference, I’m again delighted to be presenting a keynote at this years’ event, Harnessing the Web 2013. The conference this year will focus on how membership organisations and associations can better harness the web to drive membership value and growth and includes 3 themed break-out seminar streams:

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