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3 Years Running

We are delighted that we have had more success at the UK Agile Awards this year. Following on from awards for “Consultancy of the Year” and “Coach of the Year,” we have been part of two further awards this year.


Getting UX right first time

Once again I have wandered onto the battlefield between the entrenched armies of UX and development. This is dangerous ground in my experience. The right brained developers fire their ordnance of logic and process and receive in return the UX left brained bombardment of creativity. Of course both are absolutely vital to delivering first class software. It’s like combining water and oil, but as any physicist will tell you, it’s difficult but not impossible with a little bit of effort to create an emulsion of the two.


Harnessing the Web Benchmarking Survey 2013/14

Following the success of last year’s survey, Memberwise has recently launched its Harnessing the Web Benchmarking Survey for 2013/14 and are now inviting organisations to take part. 


Agile Governance Webinar

Back in September James Yoxall presented a webinar in which he provided a detailed picture of what an Agile governance model consists of, and the headline techniques required to take back control without losing the essence of Agile.


Agile Business Conference and Memberwise

At the end of a busy week,  I'd like to thank and commend the organisers of this year's Memberwise and Agile Business Conference for two excellent events.  Both were extremely well attended, informative and enjoyable,  and Richard Gott and Mary Henson in particular should be proud of their achievements.


Presenting at the Agile Business Conference

I want to say thank you to everyone who chose to see my presentation at the Agile Business Conference today, where I gave a brief 'experience report' on some models I've been using to understand and report project status over the last couple of years.  


Rendered useless?

IndigoBlue is currently undertaking a small project to update its website to freshen up the content, sharpen the focus of the message and to provide a responsive design. I am however torn as to the value of this latter objective.


Crowdsource funding is about more than just the cash

Yesterday I pledged $40 to a crowdsourced software game project called Star Citizen.  You know, I felt pretty good about it. I won’t get anything playable for probably a year, and of course I may not get anything at all.  But I did my bit to help a project get off the ground that otherwise wouldn’t have without people like me taking an interest.

I am very excited about the level of interest in the new series of talks at the BCS on Agile Business Change, and also honoured to have been asked to give the inaugural presentation on the 17th September.


Labels do count

I have always considered myself an engineer at heart. When I did my first degree, many people considered IT as an engineering discipline.   I was a strong supporter of this classification and still do agree with it having become a Chartered Engineer many years ago now.

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