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The Coin Game

We have just returned from presenting at a very well known Tier 1 Retailer. The event was a global "IT Trade Show" with representation from the UK, Australia and Scandanavia.  A number of suppliers were asked to participate and given the challenge of presenting what we do.

Agile or Lean

Too often those adopting agile learn the ceremonies and perhaps even the dark art of story writing – but they delivery and efficiency aren’t that much better the “old ways”.  Agile isn’t just about learning a new set of working practices – it’s about a commitment to maximise delivery of finished working software that is “good enough”.

Last week I attended an event in Manchester which was jointly sponsored by IndigoBlue and Novosco.  The event was called "The Care Conundrum - The Great Dilemma Facing Housing Associations".

Is IT really Bimodal?

Last week I attended the rather excellent Harvey Nash CIO Event – the CIO Survey 2015, in partnership with KPMG. The presentations were both interesting and informative but provided few surprises - we live in a world that continues to change at pace and it’s a great time to be working in technology.


Thinking machines

Last week I managed to catch a great programme on Radio 4 which was headlined as being about Artificial Intelligence (AI) "thinking machines" and how it is being adopted in mainstream applications.
I admit to being slightly skeptical about how the programme was going to shape up as some of the current claims around AI, in my view fundamentally stretch the true spirit of the concept.

IndigoBlue Acquired by Mastek UK

IndigoBlue is delighted to announce that it has been acquired by Mastek UK, the global, enterprise-level technology solutions provider.


Agile and Prototyping - Why Fail?

This month’s edition of the RSA’s Fellowship Magazine contained a fascinating article on the importance of design, quoting Malinda Gates as describing “design” as the single greatest driver for social change.


Why Are We Doing This?

I was chatting to a colleague who had received a Project Initiation Document/Statement of Work from a fairly well known SI House.  He asked me to review it which I did.  While it was well written and described plenty about how the solution would be designed and it’s many technical characteristics it failed to mention anything about the business benefits or business value of the solution.

The current subterranean fire in the Holborn area of London got me thinking again about business continuity and disaster recovery. This fire has resulted in power cuts in the surrounding area.


Unleash the Power of Hyperspace

I was pointed to the work of Tony Robbins recently. Mr Robbins is, I am sure, a great thinker and management guru. However, he inspired me in a rather different way when I joined IndigoBlue 12 years ago. He had just released a book called “Awaken the Giant Within” and I started to muse on the titles of similar hubristic business books. And from that musing came the following, which we included with our Christmas Cards that year:

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