The Digital Organisation

Recently I presented at the annual Memberwise Conference, on the changes organisations need to make to be truly digital.
Rob Smith
Rob Smith | 20 October 2016

Don't hit the BUFURs...

Agile was introduced to allow delivery to be more responsive to business needs, to learn and iterate towards a solution....
John Wright
John Wright | 3 August 2016

Olympian Procurement

I’m particularly fond of my pre-Olympic pub debate that there are too many events that are not objectively judged...
Rob Smith
Rob Smith | 1 August 2016

User Story Mapping

I’ve worked with many Agile teams over the years and encounter a number of common problems...
Richard Carter
Richard Carter | 5 July 2016

Digital Governance

IndigoBlue recently sponsored an event on the subject of Governance of Digital Projects.
James Yoxall
James Yoxall | 22 June 2016

Learning is Fun

I was recently asked to explain some of the key principles of Agile and transforma

Alan de ste Croix
Alan de ste Croix | 14 June 2016

Retail Breakfast Briefing

Last week IndigoBlue hosted its first Retail Breakfast Briefing of 2016, in conjun

Anthony Flack
Anthony Flack | 23 May 2016

Form, Plan B and Learning From the Past

In a previous blog I made reference to 'form', adopting the concept from horse racing and applying it to projects. The logic is straightforward...
Anthony Flack
Anthony Flack | 29 April 2016

Breakfast Briefing - March 2016

On the morning of Thursday 17th IndigoBlue were pleased to host another of our popular breakfast briefings.
Anthony Flack
Anthony Flack | 17 March 2016

What Planning?

Regular, attentive readers of this blog will know that my favourite business-relat

Rob Smith
Rob Smith | 1 March 2016

The Answer is not the Solution

When I first started out, the majority of those who worked in the IT industry were clever people....
Jason Smith
Jason Smith | 16 February 2016

Black and Blue

Black Friday is the day of the year when retailers in the US typically move from loss into profit, acting as the starting gun for a frenzy of present buying and general retail mayhem.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith | 1 February 2016