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Are you a Friday refusnik?

 I have one simple question I ask if I want to find out if a team is producing a good quality product – would you deploy to production on Friday? 


2014 Agile Awards

We are delighted to learn that the Design and Technology Association have been nominated for the best use of Agile in the Not For Profit Sector in the 2014 Agile Awards. IndigoBlue worked with the Design and Technology Association to design and deliver the solution for their website and membership CRM.

Bad language - The terms and conditions of using Agile

One of the biggest challenges I have on any Agile project is to try and build senior management confidence in both what we are building and how we are doing it. Nothing special there I hear you say. What doesn’t make it any easier is some of the more colourful terms used in Agile that I have to sell!

On Thursday 30th October, IndigoBlue hosted a seminar entitled Digital by Default - Delivering Government 2.0  at the rather lovely House of the RSA London. A diverse and thoughtful audience joined us to hear the insights of a speaker panel well versed in the Digital journey. The RSA is an inspiring place, with an inspiring mission: “21st century enlightenment: Enriching society through ideas and action…committed to provide innovative and creative practical solutions to today’s social challenges.”



Delivering Government 2.0

In its recently published report “Digital Government – Turning Rhetoric into Reality,” Boston Consulting Group (BCG) made a number of interesting observations. Some of these are familiar, others less so.

The main conclusion of the report is that governments across Europe are getting better at delivering digital services but most countries (including the UK) are not moving nearly as quickly as users would like. Many are “overwhelmed with complexity and slowed by bureaucratic scepticism.”


Hiive Launch - Congratulations to all involved

Fantastic news, this morning Creative Skillset have launched the Hiive application. Initially it is launched as a Beta, it looks great and works really well as a digital application, so very well done to all involved at Creative Skillset, Technical Labs and IndigoBlue.


Agile Business Conference 2014

The Agile Business Conference 14 was held on 8th and 9th October in London. This  year’s tag line was Agile the Next Frontier. When I read that I was in two minds. Firstly it made me feel like the part of the crew of the USS Enterprise boldly going where no man had gone before, exploring the universe and making things better for mankind. How fantastic. But then I thought again and realised I had been doing this for 15 years, three times the mission length Kirk undertook, and the world still hadn’t got it! How frustrating.

Blogpost on behalf of Simon Knight

It’s been a while since CAST 2014 now but even though I wasn’t there in person, some of the keynotes still resonate deeply. Once of those is Dr. Carol Strohecker’s presentation about Moving from STEM to STEAM.


“That is utterly fallacious!”

“That is utterly fallacious!”

Not a phrase one usually hears in a business meeting and indeed a few eyebrows jumped in response.

But my heartfelt outburst was in response to hearing, yet again, one of the great Agile myths. One that refuses to die. Namely, “We’re Agile: we don’t do documentation”

The human mind is truly amazing! Sometimes you see or hear something you find so profound that it enters your head and never leaves. As my colleagues will testify, in my case its nearly always something that I find of great interest but actually has no value at all. For example, changing a few chemical bonds in margarine can result in an explosive far more destructive than TNT. Interesting, but pretty useless.

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