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We are currently working on an exciting project to deliver a social media application in the creative sector. The project is being run as an Agile project. IndigoBlue are supplying the scrum mastering, project management and coaching for the client and the supplier, who is developing the application. The supplier for the application development and web is relatively small, and uses an associate type resourcing model for design and project management, this seems to be working well. The management of design in the project is proving to be the most interesting and challenging of tasks.


New IndigoBlue Logo


The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed the recent appearance of a new logo on the IndigoBlue website. We hope you like it. Its development journey has been interesting with a number of lessons learned.


IndigoBlue Acquires 70 Fathoms

Press Release

IndigoBlue is delighted to announce the acquisition of CRM and Marketing Automation Consultancy 70 Fathoms. This brings specialist expertise in CRM, Marketing Automation and Subscription Management to build upon IndigoBlue’s considerable strengths in delivering business aligned strategy and IT change projects in a wide range of sectors.

For more information please see IndigoBlue - 70 Fathoms Press Release

For the first dozen years or so in my software development career I practiced the art of waterfall, as everyone did. The project effort was split equally between design, build and test. So, about a third was allocated to design. The big design sometimes didn’t hold up to requirements and we did have to do redesign during build, and sometimes, with great shame, during test. Maybe it was over a third in the end.


When is Agile not Agile?

When is Agile not Agile? When it’s not incremental.  
Although many would probably beg to differ, this is not one of my best jokes. Moreover, it’s not funny at all. It is simply a truism, and reality for many.

So anyone who has ready my blogs before will probably have realised that I am pretty interested in new financial models within software. The old ‘build it and they will come’ up front development approach seems a bit out of date compared to some of the new ideas that have been used in the last few years. Crowdfunding and micropayment models are now established The first signs of funded collaborative development similar to my Community Refined Development model are also in place.


Romanian Testing Conference

I took a few days out last week to go and deliver a testing workshop at the Romanian Testing Conference 2014 in the rather grand university town of Cluj-Napoca. Despite it being a rather shorter visit than I would have liked, it was a great opportunity to connect with the local technology community and in particular those looking to further their testing craftsmanship. The conference itself was a two day affair with day one consisting of a number of duel track talks and day two set aside for workshops. 


Big Data. Little Data

A farmer asks an economist how many sheep are in two fields. The economist looks at the fields for a moment and declares “4012.” “How on earth do you know that?” exclaims the bemused farmer, “Even I don’t know how many there are.” “Well,” says the economist, “there are 12 in one field and about 4000 in the other one.”


Adapt 2.0 TM

IndigoBlue is delighted to announce that we have now recieved a trademark certification for Adapt 2.0.  


G-Cloud 5

We are delighted to have been selected again to be a supplier on the G-Cloud framework, currently in its fifth iteration. G-Cloud is a great example of success in both digital government and in attacking entrenched practice.

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Since incorporation in 2002, we have built an unrivaled reputation, successfully delivering a number of the UK's largest Agile change programmes.

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