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IndigoBlue are pleased to be involved in the creation of a report by Source on the use of data in the Not For Profit Sector. The report was sponsored by Advanced Business Solutions and is based on meetings and interviews with consultants, work with Cancer Research UK and a survey of 230 mid- sized UK organisations.

A copy of the report is available via this link from Advanced (note registration is required).


Is your Charity ready?

We would like to draw you attention to significant changes to VAT on e-services. In summary where e-services are offered to overseas users, currently the VAT is due in the country in which the Charity is located, from 1 January 2015 this changes and VAT will no longer be due in the country where the Charity is located, it will be due in the country where the customer is located.

E-services is defined as

·       Access to online libraries

·       Provision of an electronic magazine or publication

Last week we hosted another of our breakfast meetings at the RAC in Pall Mall. It was well attended by CEO’s, Finance Directors and CIOs representing both traditional membership organisations, governing bodies and a qualification and awarding organisation.

What used to happen?

Whilst trying my hardest to avoid the sports pages on Sunday (after my teams disastrous FA Cup performance) I stumbled across an interesting piece in the Technology section of The Guardian Online written to mark the internet’s 25th birthday.

A year ago I wrote a blog on what I called ‘community-developed refinement (CDR)’. My idea was to incentivise the user community to develop a large proportion of a product with a share in any future revenues.

I had heard some companies have been playing in this area, but none of them had gone as far as the model I had thought of.  But there is now a company who is going all the way by encouraging its user community to develop its product and share in the rewards.


Adapt 2.0 website launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website from IndigoBlue to support our leading framework for structured governance of Agile projects - Adapt 2.0. On the new site we have introduced some different branding from the main IndigoBlue website, let us know what you think?

The new site can be found at www.adapt2.co.uk

Earlier this week Centrepoint Computer Services (CCS) launched a new brand identity for its latest Membership CRM which moving forward will be known as oomi the launch was supported by a new website.

Earlier this week The Access Group ran an enjoyable and interesting Think Tank session in Central London looking at future trends in NFP and of course updating on their latest offerings and plans for 2014.

It was good to meet with like minded people and the conversation and debate was both lively and constructive, helped along nicely by a very good lunch and a little bit of wine.

In all walks of life we all use labels and tags to abbreviate or aggregate the description of something that may be more extensive or complex. A previous blog by Stan Wade reviewed many of the labels associated with Agile their use and importance; Agile, Lean, Scrum are examples of such labels. 

Agile to the uninitiated can be quite a difficult thing to describe and very often we encounter a statement in a conversation along the lines of “Yes, we do Agile”.  

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