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Complex problem, clever thinking, great solution

Recently I had reason to make contact with bit10 a web design and development company I have worked with before, based in Coventry. In the process of catching up with their latest development’s bit10’s Sales Director, Mark McKeever brought to my attention to a recent and prestigious award that bit10 had won for their innovative App for GAME.

In the famous joke, two proud parents watch as their son marches past in an army parade. The mother notices that her son is marching in a different rhythm to the rest of the garrison and exclaims "Ooh look! They're all out of step with our 'arry!"


Proof - Agile can work in local government

It was good to read the July Socitm Insight report Agile: a methodology for our time as IndigoBlue was a key contributor to the work behind the report. I had the pleasure of helping two of the local councils covered.Socitm is the membership association for all ICT professionals working in Local Authorities and the Public and Third Sectors and suppliers to those sectors.


Missed opportunities in Charity Technology

The Guardian recently ran an  interesting article reporting that the Charity sector is failing to make sufficient investment in technology and therefore failing to take advantage of the opportunities opened up by more effective use of technology. Whilst this is directly linked to the fact that as a sector Charity invests less in IT per headcount than any other, the reasons for this are a lot more fundamental than just not having enough money.

The largest single problem within the majority of Agile implementations we encounter is absence of structured change control. Many of the issues experienced can be traced either to inappropriate change or to resultant confusion because the change is not managed. Senior management suspicion of Agile can invariably be traced to a lack of visibility and control of change.


Would Like, Will Not get?

I recently had a debate with Simon Annicchiarico of Appius regarding the meaning of the W in MoSCoW, and whilst it had its origins in my petty pedantry, there was an important issue to be considered.


... on the nature of governance

In recent conversations around governance, I've been challenged to reflect on and refine my own understanding and working definition of the term.

For a long time, my working definition of Governance was something like "Governance is the process of insight and influence for people outside the team".   This definition accepts - and builds on - the idea that, in an enterprise adoption of Agile, there are often external stakeholders with authority.  But ...


Shit Happens

Martina Navratilova was once asked what made a truly great sports person. She pondered for a moment and replied “The difference between being a good sports player and a great one is not how well you play when you are playing well. It is how well you play when you are playing badly.”


Agile Development Survey Results

The 7th Annual Agile Development Survey from Version One holds few surprises, with the general view that Agile is a good thing. My interest was however drawn by a couple of results.


A General view of planning

I get asked the question ‘who is your favourite 19th century Prussian Field Marshal’ quite a lot, as I suspect you do as well. There are of course several great contenders for this title, but my vote has to go Helmuth Von Moltke the Elder. Why? Because of his contribution to the concept of dynamic planning! Trying to convince people that planning is a continuous and never ending process and not something that’s completed at the start of a project is a constant challenge for me and I will grab any support I can get.

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